View Full Version : False fancied runners......continued.....10/5/03.

Houdini (Guest)
11-05-03, 02:45 AM
Morning punters, they look a little tough today but more than likely there is a bit of value if you can spot a couple....
Good news also I am back on 92% strike rate, after a slow start to the Sydney carnival......( Well I must be doing well I have not received any abuse over the last 3 or so weeks.....now thats is what you call real success.)

Gold Coast.
Race 4. No 1. Kas Nediym.....I am willing to take a risk and say this might be ran pretty quick 1300m races usually are...maybe setting it up for something like Victory Grove to come home over the top....(worth the risk.)
Race 8. No 1. Maizcay Magic....They just may sprint a bit fast for Maizcay Magic at the finish of this.

Race 5. No 1. Pompeii..Tough decision to give Pompeii the kiss of death but seems to be a little better over shorter ground. ( There is a few good ones here over 1200...with a bit of luck Cellestia can win but unfortunately seems to find trouble in its races. )
Race 7. No 5...Polygram....They went a bit slow last start you would expect them to go a bit quicker here today so no Polygram today thank you.

Anyway thats it punters, good punting....
p.s....Oh I nearly forgot Johnnys back in town......our new man of steel.....Can our new man of steel save Jeanettes man of Cloth ????? I believe a market should be set on this coming event giving us a chance to place a small wager... ( this is a really entriguing saga for all to share.......)

umrum (Guest)
13-05-03, 10:07 AM
pompeii- good call

polygram- is suited by a fast pace not a slow pace dont no how
you came up with this. worked out that didnt win but not because of the pace.

maizcay magic- another good call

freddy the great (Guest)
14-06-03, 03:34 AM
keep posting the false favourites houdini
dont worry about the wood ducks abusing you, they are just jealous of your success

umrum (Guest)
14-06-03, 03:55 AM
calm down freddy. get out of bed with houdini. he made some bad calls thats ok. but he posted them so he can live by them. he's a big boy as you seem to know all too well

freddy the great (Guest)
14-06-03, 07:13 AM
umrum you are a little fag with no idea

everyone makes bad calls

at least he has an opinion and is not one of the dickheads trying to sell systems

umrum (Guest)
14-06-03, 09:38 AM
mate you are the backward negative faggot. i have never tried to sell a system in my life. i simply informed houdini of his bad call which you have done so many times to so many people before so get off your high horse. anyway i posted that comment over a month ago. get on with it

umrum (Guest)
14-06-03, 09:40 AM
>umrum you are a little fag
>with no idea
>everyone makes bad calls
>at least he has an opinion
>and is not one of
>the dickheads trying to sell

i'm actually quite big.
i'm actually heterosexual.
i have many opinions.
i'm not a dickhead.
i do not sell systems.

ur last post seems quite irrelevant

freddy the great (Guest)
14-06-03, 12:11 PM

were you born a cocksucker or is it something you have worked on?