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Sceptical Punter (Guest)
25-05-03, 10:17 AM
I could SELECT better using a blunt pin
Definitly a SCAM Need I say any more

cleanup (Guest)
25-05-03, 05:39 PM
Very interesting to see your experience Sceptical Punter.

And this was a reply to your earlier post from "wondering"

my experiences and impressions with these tipsters mentioned:
nwwa = not worth worrying about (a load of crap)
pg = pretty good and worth a quick look
vg = very good and worth more than just a glance
exc = excellent

pegasus- nwwa
pro group- pg
ultimate tips- nwwa
form pro- exc (free too)
winning margin- vg
xceedit- pg (made a serious attempt to win...but nope)
past the post- pg (form guides are ok)
pro punt- pg
cr2000- pg (does it tough though)
elite- vg (his new scheme "2020" is going along ok!)
racing ratings-aust- nwwa
the key- pg
clock speed- exc (one of the best)
sky channel- nwwa (cods wallop)
ace bets- nwwa
supa ratings- vg
perth pros- no idea!
hot tips- no idea either
horse racing tips- vg
the whip- exc one of the best for melb(no 1 in punters choice)
davos- nwwa
puntersbankbook- nwwa
toms tips- pg
speed ratings- no idea (but speed ratings have always battled)
team100- nwwa
ausrace- excellent forum

race select- first time i have seen this guy, his method of being selective is great. but his workouts are done at 10% of a bank on each selection!.no professional would do that! results are impressive (if they are true)

hope this helps a bit

Now wondering said they were pretty good!!!

Others on this forum caned Pegasus, but I made about 30% return on their new system.

I also subscribed to Davosform guide and am very happy with what they provide.

That's two services that others said aren't worth worrying about and one which was rated pretty good (progroup) which was hopeless!!!

I just don't get it, us punters are supposed to help eachother.