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jack (Guest)
28-05-03, 12:38 PM
Has anybody purchased this programe,if so what is your opinion and do you think it is good value.

freddy (Guest)
29-05-03, 02:39 AM
with a name like that, sounds dodgy. if u dont like keeping money, go ahead and buy it!

wondering (Guest)
29-05-03, 05:59 AM
it is just another loss chasing computerised betting scheme, save your money!.


Tom Johnson (Guest)
29-05-03, 11:52 AM
A couple of Brisbane bookies I know wish the computerised betting systems were as you suggest.
A few punters using them are cleaning up week after week especially 2 weeks ago with GROOVY MISS at 25/1.They bet for a living and live like kings which proves that their systems are working.

The thing most punters need to work out is how some people are always showing a profit while they are losing. When they have done this they to can join the winning team.

wondering (Guest)
29-05-03, 01:36 PM
well my personal betting bank has increased this racing year by 63% and it is not by using any computerised loss chasing programs!!. it is by putting in the hard yards, toiling over the form for hours at a time, watching all the races and the replays, going to barrier trials and using sensible ratings. these loss chasing computer programs will get you backing 3, 4 sometimes 5 horses in a race. unless they come up with the winner in that race you are then into a very heady loss chasing scenario. 4 or 5 losing races with 3-5 selections in it, will see you outlaying up to $1000 just to win your target back. outlaying $1,000 just to win your target of $20 is heart wrenching stuff, not for the faint hearted. it will pick the winners for sure and certain and at 25-1, but look out for the bad run, the above scenario will be on you before you know it!


Tom Johnson (Guest)
30-05-03, 10:38 AM
Wondering, I am 100% with you regarding form study.With everyone's busy lifestyle spending 4 hours per state doing the form is out of the question for a lot of people unless they are looking for a new wife and family.
Computer ratings are easily obtained and if used in a methodical manner will produce excellent profits.
Irrespective of how your selections are obtained, and how good they are, the majority of punters will never win due to incorrect betting habits from day 1. OLD HABITS DIE HARD AND MOST PEOPLE GO THROUGH LIFE NEVER LEARNING HOW TO WIN.
I know a few people who are happy losing $50 or $100 every week as they think it is excellent entertainment.They have a different perspective to me, but the losers pay the winners. By your post you seem to be against backing 4 or 5 horses a race.This method is nearly foolproof over a period of time as long as the prices are ok.
Have a think about this: Can you name me one person backing one horse per race and winning long term. If you can tell me someone I'll show you the tooth fairy.

wondering (Guest)
30-05-03, 11:41 AM
hi tom,

actually on the win side of things i always back 2 horses in a race for my best races on the day.

also, i will back 3 or 4 selections in a race if i can make a decent return out of it. for EXAMPLE ONLY, i might back 4 horses at 5/2, 7/2, 9/2 and 11/2 and outlay roughly $180, $140, $110 and $95 (outlay$525) to win $100. i will not bet in this race unless i feel 90-100% confident that i will have the winner in my selections. i do this because i will not chase losses and "expect" that if i did back a loser, that i would not have another loser for another 5 or 6 races, this is, of course not always the case!. with this "multiple selection strategy" i average $350 per race outlay get an 80% winning race strikerate and average $100 profit from each of the winning races. this is a strategy that i have been using for a couple of years now.

i can name one person that "profits" by backing one horse in a race and that is me!. i bet on one horse per race and bet on that horse for the place!!. so far this racing year i have averaged 14% profit on my place bets on a flat stake from a 72% place s/r. my standard bank just on flat stakes alone has risen dramatically this racing year. i will leave it up to you and others to decipher what else i am doing with the place bets.


freddy (Guest)
31-05-03, 05:37 AM

show me one person making a profit out of backing 5 per race and i will show you santa claus

one per race is much more profitable than 5 per race

always will be

i rarely bet more than 2 per race

Tom Johnson (Guest)
31-05-03, 11:08 AM
At least you don't back 1 horse per race which was my comment. I think you have plenty to learn on the punting front before you make the grade, but it only takes time and the ability to adjust your thinking.
Multiple betting is a necessity but backing 2 per race will give you a better chance than 1.

Most punters must be a lot smarter than me because I can't win backing 1 horse per race , and in 60 years have never seen anyone else who can.

Each to his own.

wondering (Guest)
31-05-03, 12:02 PM

freddy said that he rarely backs 2 horses in a race, which means he is an advocate for only betting on one horse!.


freddy (Guest)
31-05-03, 01:45 PM
>At least you don't back 1
>horse per race which was
>my comment. I think you
>have plenty to learn on
>the punting front before you
>make the grade, but it
>only takes time and the
>ability to adjust your thinking.
>Multiple betting is a necessity but
>backing 2 per race will
>give you a better chance
>than 1.
>Most punters must be a lot
>smarter than me because I
>can't win backing 1 horse
>per race , and in
>60 years have never seen
>anyone else who can.
>Each to his own.

why do i have plenty to learn?
what makes you think that?
I bet my results for the past 12 mths were a lot higher than yours.

anyone who claims you need to back 4-5 horses per race would have to believe in santa claus as well wouldn't they?

wondering (Guest)
01-06-03, 01:15 AM
just noticed that freddy did quote on the "dutch betting" thread, that he "sometimes" backs 2 horses in a race and that for him, it is just as profitable as backing a single horse! what say you now freddy?. are you for betting 2 in a race or not considering the claim that you make as much profit from betting on 2?.


freddy (Guest)
01-06-03, 03:20 AM

Im for betting 1 or 2 per race depending on prices
if both selections were $10 then betting both may be the way to go
if one was $3 and the other $10 and I didn't think there was much between the pair I would bet the longer priced horse only

tom (Guest)
01-06-03, 03:25 AM
Tom said he could not win betting one per race
why not tom? you must not be using a proper ratings system

Tom Johnson (Guest)
03-06-03, 08:10 AM
Some people reading these postings are reading the opposite to what is meant.
What I have said is that it is near impossible to back one horse per race and win over a long term.I haven't seen anyone able to do it in nearly 60 years but if some readers are winning backing 1 horse per race they should be on the Queens Honours List for punters.
Some of the inexperienced comments being made make me wonder how many are showing a yearly profit.It's only common sense that the more runners you back in a race the better chance of getting the winner.How many you want to back depends on the prices available and what you consider the main chances are.I see no sense in betting $200 a race, over a few runners, to make a $50 profit as you are not right 100% of the time.
Most people have life insurance but think it's crazy to have an insurance bet.
I try to help punters by getting them to think of other options which will make them winners, but a few here seem to be geniuses, which makes it hard.
Anyone who heard the Sunshine Coast preview Sunday morning on TAB RADIO about the top weight in the last race, being a good chance because of the enormous class drop, would have thought it was a good bet. It had run 3 lasts and 3rd last at it's past 4 starts in strong company, started favourite and didn't run a place.Listen to tipsters and end up with patches in your socks.

freddy (Guest)
05-06-03, 04:29 AM
a guru hey?
get off the grass
60 years, you must be what 80yo?
i know several very good punters and none of them back 5 per race
normally 1,2 or 3
they should all be knighted then
just because you cant make a profit after 60 years, doesn't mean it aint possible

Tom Johnson (Guest)
05-06-03, 10:28 AM
freddy, Could you read my post and then read yours. I WON'T KEEP GOING ON AS YOU ARE A "NO HOPE" DOPE, AND I WON'T BE REPLYING TO YOUR DRIBBLE AGAIN.BYE.

freddy (Guest)
05-06-03, 04:12 PM
dear oh dear

i should be knighted then called a dope by the 80yo genius. gee thanks mate, your handicapping skills are so good that after 60 years you still cannot win betting less than 5 per race. And I'm the dope? Return on capital of over 1000% in the past 12 months and double digit profit on turnover for more than half that period and I am a dope. Well thanks for your opinion. Anyone who is regarded so highly like yourself is so worth listening too, NOT

Tommy Lowe (Guest)
06-06-03, 06:43 AM
freddy, I have watched with interest many letters of interest on this site.Unfortunately none have been yours.The best option for you would be to move to another site. I think Bill should block your IP address to make you shift as you have ruined this site.No one person could speak as much bull$$$$ as you.

freddy (Guest)
06-06-03, 09:50 AM
tommy moron keep carrying on a like a sheila. Does not worry me

freddy the great (Guest)
07-06-03, 02:21 AM
What Tom fails to realise is that backing 5 horses every race and winning 80% of the time is the same as backing 1 per race and winning 16% of the time

winning 16% of the time is easier than 80% of the time

then it comes down to average dividends

wonder if one of the sensitive types will get upset with this post?