View Full Version : False fancied runners....continued.....31//5/03.

Houdini (Guest)
01-06-03, 04:15 AM
Morning Punters.....Eagle Farm has great racing today...as yous are well aware....also we are getting close to our 92% again what joy.
Lets start enough bragging.
Eagle Farm.
Race 2...No 1...Tahitian Star...Looks like the pressure will be on all the way in this race so I would say that will dismiss Tahition Stars chance of the hat trick, you would expect horses running on to figure in this, with the likes of Amex and British Lion, this British Lion could develope into a pretty good horse with luck going its way.
Race 5...No 1...Lasting Faith...Got a good barrier but weight and speed of race going against it....so goodnight Lasting Faith.
Moonee Valley.
Race 5...No 1...Dandy Kid...I am hoping Kulnura crosses Dandy Kid and applies the pressure, this Kulnura can jump out full of running at times, only thing Dandy kid has going is likes the Valley....
Ok thats it punters, hope your pockets are as full as mine after last week.
Good Punting.