View Full Version : False fancied runners......continued.....20/6/03.

Houdini (Guest)
22-06-03, 01:24 AM
Morning Punters.....
Looks like Eagle farms the action attraction today.
and guess what we nailed them all last week.....and I reckon we can carry on again today, the only danger is Eagle farms track bias be careful early.
Eagle Farm.
Race 3. No. 1...Picablu....I thought it stole the race last start led in slow pace, you would expect something to take it on a little this time, so over 1400 it should fold.
Race 4. No. 4...Safety...Ordinary run last start with big weight, is down is weight but that will not be enough to beat this lot....I think the Queensland horses are better in this than the Sydney invaders.
Race 6...No. 9...Polygram...Looks to be too much speed for Polygram.

Good punting.

Big Jim (Guest)
22-06-03, 03:59 AM
Get off idiot - you've been fully exposed exposed by the Victorian police for what you really are -- no one on this forum is interested in you, your other names or your crass remarks.

Houdini (Guest)
22-06-03, 04:34 PM
Mr. Betwise, I am the real deal, and I mean real deal...( I beat all pay as you play thieves like yourself over a period of time, if you don't believe check past burials of false fancied runners, today is no exception ..... not like yourself going through life being just an act, unfortunately parasites like yourself are part of life, when your gone no one will give a stuff anyway, ( I hate to sound big headed but I am the king of the market), all my selections again were correct, at the end of the racing season in 2 weeks you will be astonished at my list I will display, now go away and play your silly games with someone else please, I play for free, not like you....a lazy little thief, sorry thats sounds a touch harsh....change that..( jealous little thieving prick...)
p.s.....also don't be afraid....your not a child.... just say who you are..... hiding in the shadows is not healthy.
Good punting.

the pirate of pay (Guest)
23-06-03, 03:12 AM
i am back, and would like to remind you houdini, YOU DID NOT BEAT ME!!!!!!!!. so your statement is incorrect.

on the other hand, you have said so yourself, you have never subscribed to any of these pay as you go services...... so how would you know that you have beat them??????????.

and just because you knock a few horses and they don't win the race.... DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU DID BACK THE WINNER ANYWAY!!.

houdini, have a look at some of your past posts and notice the "losers" that you mentioned that would knock over your lay in the race. i would say that over time you have mentioned these possibly about 15 times and are lucky to have noted a couple of winners only and they were at short prices.

the pirate of pay

Houdini (Guest)
23-06-03, 04:34 AM
I don't believe it Pirate your back.....someone told me you got ran over by a tram in Bourke Street a few months back, as they say you can't keep a good pirate down.
You must be aware by now picking losers is much easier than picking winners.....and if they are fancied...... the market on the race is well and truly in your favour in turn this will put you comfortably in front as I am, but you must eliminate the duds as I do so often not 100% but quite reasonable.........I must admit I do like multiple doubles they pay better.......these exchanges look very interesting also to lay horses......its the only way to go for the big punters, TABs are starting to lose the plot....( but in time these exchanges will make them get their act together.)

Anyway time to go....I suppose your still flogging selections to the poor old punters out there....the same thing they can get for free by just turning on the racing stations on a Saturday morning....nasty habit that... selling selections you know...
anyway works calling in the backyard sadly.
p.s..I hope you have picked a couple of winners more than 6/4 in recent times also.......
Good Punting.

the pirate of pay (Guest)
23-06-03, 06:11 AM
houdini, you did not address my questions or statements in your answer!!.

yes i agree with you it is very easy to "give out" losers on the day, like you did yesterday!!. but.... when you lay horses like polygram that started at $11-00 sp it means that the horse has a better than 90% chance of being beaten!!!! it is no wonder that you can keep a 90% "winning" rate with losing lays.

and yes i have been backing "some" nice priced winners along the way thankyou. like yesterday i backed mon mecki which was a very nice $7-50.....but....

i also backed seances and got paid $2-30 top fluctuation, so what is wrong with backing short priced winners when i am making 15% on the race????. you can't go broke backing winners. for those that are not aware........ i back 2 horses in one race!!. only other major bet for me on the day was a losing one in melbourne. so outlay 6 on the day for a return of 9.8 units.

when the betting exchanges become legal (here in nsw) i will look at the exchanges, but only when they are legal.

and by the way, if you backed all the "tips" that are given by the radio stations (or the newspapers) you will go broke very quickly.

some people like to "pay" for QUALITY INFORMATION.

i have kept record of all the late mail selections (4 major venues on saturdays) as given out on the radio for the past 14 years and you would be losing around 18%.