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lateral value
17-12-03, 08:19 AM
As a recerational punter I go thru 3 phases the first is the most obvious-ASSUMPTION
this is where I punt without any kind of analysis, like so and so will bolt in because it owes me plenty,I'd make an assumption that because I've lost plenty on that horse its bound to win sooner or later.
The next phase is OPINION this is the tricky one this phase creates indifference do I lay or play,and the last phase is
This is where,if I want to make a very good living from punting I must cultivate my own infomation from the exact same sources and resources that all punters have access to and exploit them to my own advantage.

So here's my first of many questions remembering I'm only a recreational punter,can jockeys be exploited, what I mean is that all jockeys use a variety of riding styles,so when a jockey leaves the birdcage and heads towards the barriers can one clearly identify that jockeys intended riding style before he/she enters the barrier or once in the barrier identify the correct riding style that should be applied to that horse like if the jockey was to rush his mount to the front but the horses natural racing style was to settle in the rear is it possible to identify the style the jockey is about to employ that matches that horses current form.

If it could be done it would or wouldnt confirm or analysis of the entire race and saving me unnecessary losess to my bank.

Or do jockeys just sit at the barrier waiting for the gates to open
all replies would be much appreciated

kind regards latrel value

18-12-03, 02:53 PM
Unless you're Marvin the Mindreader or privy to the pre race discussion between owner(s), trainer and jockey, no there is no way to know if a rider will ride his mount contrary to the horses general racing pattern. Sometimes horses are ridden 'upside down'due to unfavourable barrier draws and other unforseen factors after barrier release. I would suggest studying a riders pre race demeanour would hold little predictive value as to how he will perform in his race ride