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Makka (Guest)
29-06-01, 01:11 PM
I have an 18 month old colt that I am doing some leading lessons with. At the moment he will not run beside me without getting all uptight. He curls around me and then trots sideways. I really want him to trot in a straight line beside me. Can anyone help me with what I should do?

29-06-01, 02:07 PM
Gday Macka,

In a word, let go of his head. Go hire Parelli's video "the seven games" The yo,yo game will solve your problem and allow you to let go of his head.


eye (Guest)
29-06-01, 02:56 PM
how about letting go of his head a bit and putting your hand up towards his eye and forcing him away from you goodluck

Pearl (Guest)
29-06-01, 03:16 PM
Why run before you can walk??

Makka (Guest)
30-06-01, 03:39 AM
Thankyou for the suggestions. I will try them. Pearl, I have worked with him for some time and I have no problems with him at the walk.

30-06-01, 05:01 AM
Get some Ranvet Settle'em into him, will relax him and assist you greatly.

30-06-01, 06:14 AM
You need to teach him to move his front end away from you as well as what horse problems said about the yoyo game.
Does he lunge?
If you can get him to go slower on the lunge by gently shaking the rope and then you can get him to stop and back up the same way. You then need to get him so if you lift your hand towards his eye he will nicely yeild away from you. Their are plenty of people out there teaching ground control at the moment, why not look one up?
You also could work on teaching him that when you do take a hold on his halter his feet should stop, or slow down. This means that the rope should be loose when he is going the pace you like. If he is going too fast put on pressure, as soon as his feet slow down or stop, release.
I get my horses so that if I just stop, they stop along side of me with no pressure. They follow my movement forward, backward, away from them and towards them with no physical pressure.
You should get him so he will do a slow even turn on the hind quarters if you lift your hand and walk into his space.
Once you have done all this you will only need to lift your hand as you are leading him at the trot and he will move away from you, softly jiggle the rein and he will slow down.
I hope some of this makes sense.