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27-04-00, 06:34 AM
I know this forum is about horses, but i have to ask a unrelated question. Please don't growl Bill :-)BUT Who watches "Popstars" and "Roswell"?????? I think it's the teenager years still in me ;-) but love these show and will fret if they aren't on T.V when i come "home"!!!

27-04-00, 06:53 AM
Have seen a few episodes of Popstars but I read somewhere that the series is suppose to finish soon. Last saw Roswell listed as being scheduled for a late night timeslot here but seems to have disappeared. Of course EVERYTHING has disappeared in the last couple of weeks due to school holidays but then Animal Hospital is back tomorrow night and channel 9 did have Black Beauty on last Monday (that is such a sad story).

27-04-00, 07:26 AM
Thank you Rubiton for so skilfully steering the subject back to horses :-). My understanding was that Black Beauty was written to bring to general attention the pitiful treatment of horses as working animals.

Apparently it worked, because not long afterwards, the motor car was invented, which meant that horses could become more useful for sport and pleasure. While some would argue that horses are cruelly treated in these pursuits, it pales into insignificance compared to what was done to the workhorse.

I've read somewhere that as cities expanded in the late 19th century, workhorses were creating enormous problems with pollution, runaway horsedrawn vehicles, riders falling off and even the difficulty of disposing of dead and injured horses in large numbers. Does anyone know more about thses issues?

Julie C
27-04-00, 08:22 AM
Oh yes it was on again! Did you cry too? never fails to make me howl my eyes out! Some do gooder relation actually bought my kids the video and I have to go ride, or go to bed when they put it on!

27-04-00, 08:52 AM
I looove popstars, never got into Roswell, poor man's X-Files I reckon.
But Black Beauty is the best, I cried when jo left, Ginger died, Jerry got sick and had to sell Beauty, Beauty fell over pulling the heavy cart, Jo found Beauty, gee I cried for most of the movie. Plus, after seeing it, my other non-horsy half was converted to my way of thinking that we had to get our own property, so my horses could run through lush green grass rather than living in shell grit yards on an agistment property. Way to go Beauty! I tried to convince him of this for years!

27-04-00, 09:32 AM
Ali, you little whizz! god, let's see if it works on my husband....!

Lauren Bradford (lozza)
27-04-00, 10:13 AM
Well done channel 9 for putting such a great bdut really sad movie on, bout time a few horsey movies were on!!!!! :-)

27-04-00, 10:47 AM
That I am ADDICTED to Popstars.... and I'm a GRANNIE!
Husband sighs and goes off to do something else when it's on - I even make him answer the phone and tell people to call back when it's on.
Loved the way Katie dealt with that clod of a radio interviewer....:-) :-)

27-04-00, 10:51 AM
What is wrong with you all????!!!!!!!!!!! Popstars is such a WANK! I hate bands that are put together like that, apart from the really really bad music they produce!! As for Roswell, never seen it.

27-04-00, 12:11 PM
But even some of the good bits were sad after reading the book and knowing what was going to happen. Such as when Black Beauty was happy to have found a home with good people (Jerry the cab driver) or when Ginger was put in the paddock after the 'race'. Hadn't seen the movie before as last easter wasn't at home to see it.

27-04-00, 12:49 PM
Ok, I never miss an episode of Popstars, however I strongly dislike the band! Is Roswell still on? I havnt seen it for a while but watched that too.
Black beauty is such a great movie (although very sad:-() But what I'd like to know is where they get such skinny horses to play the role of the horses at the sales?? And what do they do to the horses afterwards??
My personal favorite version is the cartoon one, I used to have it on tape and watched in non stop when I was younger!! I would most likely know the words off by heart now if I watched it again, but I cant seem to find it anywhere in any of the video stores!!

*** BL ***

27-04-00, 01:13 PM
I watch Popstars EVERY week - hate the single - but love the girls. Go Sally and Katie, really gave it to the DJ. *grin* love the way Sophie keeps getting bleeped out. Her Dad telling her that she would have to stop swearing...
Watched Black Beauty as well. The star was played by a QH (saw it in the credits) Docs something, something - well you know those 3 word names. At least they made the effort when they swapped the hores around to draw the same stars and stripes. Never got in to Roswell although I did try for a couple of episodes.

27-04-00, 11:23 PM
I called in to a music store yesterday (no... to buy a copy of the Furey's Willie Mc Bride) and the girl told me that the Bradot album has enormous pre-sales, she tried A to sell me one, B to sell me a poster for my grand baby.
retired go to the vinery forum and to the talk of the Anzacs and read Jean's later postings of what happened to her dad in Changi... harrowing but fascinating.. what a man.
That's why I wanted the Willie Mc Bride song.

28-04-00, 12:09 AM
I am a daily reader of the vinery forum and the poem posted by Seagull was real lump in the throat stuff. Then the stuff by Torquil and Jean gave enormous insight in to Changi and what all there suffered. I find it hard to reconcile the idea that Torquil is a man. He writes with the softest of a woman and must be a lovely person to know.

28-04-00, 01:20 AM
How they could make the horse/s look so skinny. Also I'm sure in the paddock scenes Ginger appeared to be a gelding in one shot (but it was late when I watched it).

I remember the cartoon version too but it wasn't quite as sad to watch as the recent movie (but then I knew a TB that moved/acted similar to the main black horse actor).

28-04-00, 03:20 AM
My parents gave me a Black Beauty book that was my mum's when she was little when I was about 6 and they may regret that 'cause they've spent a lot of money on ponies ever since :-). On Tuesday night I watched the program on 'Poziers' and then 'Third Watch' and cried so much that my sloppy-joe sleeves were saturated from wiping away the tears!

28-04-00, 03:45 AM
xc i tend to agree with you i wouldn't call them a band! no-way but... they can sing really well even if it isn't your style. oh yeah.. i'd call them a group.

03-05-00, 03:47 AM
My favorite horsie movie is Pharlap
The horse on that movie is Gorgeous!

Towering Inferno I think his name is

Black Beauty
03-05-00, 05:29 AM
Anyone who thinks the girls in pop stars can sing must be tone deaf :D like their record company!!
and those outfits my goodness :o

03-05-00, 06:32 AM
Has anyone seen the movie 'Wild Hearts can't be broken', it is about a teenage girl Sonora who jumps Arabian horses off of 13 metre platforms into a pool and is supposed to be based on a true story! It was filmed in the 1990's but based in 30's/40's. The horses are gorgeous, all of you would love it.

03-05-00, 09:03 AM
I love that movie, however when I went to borrow it from the video shop they told me it was broken. Boo hoo. Another good horsey movie is Sylvester. It has Melissa Gilbert in it and it was made back in the 80's.


03-05-00, 09:23 AM
I have seen it Nerri, but fing it very difficult to believe it's based on atrue story. Think of the accidents!
Good on you BB for having such good taste in disliking postars also!!

silly filly
03-05-00, 04:24 PM
black beauty and xc i agree popstars really is crap , i hate the music (dont like any pop music really , not my style , id rather good ol' metallica any day)and they have made those girls look like whores. as for roswell ,havent seen it. i thoroughly enjoyed black beauty though.

*+*+* silly filly *+*++

Jan Heine
04-05-00, 11:12 AM
Now settle down there Black Beauty - they may not be able to sing - BUT my brat and I happen to shop at the same shop as they do - cooool gear that is just a tad outrageous - no I don't wear that gear to horse shows but I think there may be a few shocked "horse"friends on friday night at the brats 21st when I front in my coool new silver plastic irridescent pants with matching black and silver irridescent top - mmmm I can hear you all grabbing for the bucket as you read! LOL and *big grins*
Anyone interested the shop is in Chapel Street, Prahran the label is "wonky wear".

Black Beauty
04-05-00, 12:22 PM
Now Jan are you sure its not a shop for women of the night?? ROFL those outfits are just sooo im sorry but slutty!! theres no-way their manager is looking at their vocal assets!!.

Jan Heine
04-05-00, 02:54 PM
No BB it isn't for ladies of the night - just very funky and way out gear - called Strange Days - the brat found it because it is just around the corner from where she is studying dance - checked with her tonight and it is the girl with the short red hair and glasses that wears their gear - she is apparently the only girl from Melbourne. And after posting that peice about the shop the brat phoned me full of giggles to say that she had just met the Popstars - and they are really nice girls who were desperate for company from people their own age. As the brat said - they are either mixing with 12 year olds or being "hammered" by their PR people - the girls were apparently on their way to do a video clip and stopped off for the red head to pick up some gear she had made. But promise you BB it is just a very funky shop and all very much above board - lovely guy who owns it and he and his very funky girlfriend make and design all the gear - I guess if I had a body like the Popstars I might go for the more revealing look - but oh dear - a quick peak in the mirror tells me that my 43 year old body which has had a brat really isn't up to it - so I just go for outrageous rather than revealing!