View Full Version : The rest of the info!!!!!!

trish (Guest)
22-08-01, 06:42 AM

Congratulations on keeping the ball rolling for one of the most useful aids for breeders, mare and foal owners.

I was just wondering where you will have all the rest of the useful information that the original cyberfoal australia used to have on the site??

I apologise in advance if you already have it somewhere on your site.


22-08-01, 10:41 AM
We are not reproducing the Cyberfoal site as such. This forum has been provided as a continuation of the valuable Cyberfoal facility for helping breeders with mares who have lost foals and those who have orphan foals. As far as I know, the original Cyberfoal site is still there, its just not being updated any more.

helen (Guest)
23-08-01, 10:58 AM
hi bill and trish

the cyberfoal site just has the old front page now (the header up the top has had all the links disabled)and the entire page will come down soon

a forum format here for matching and information would work well i think - it would mean the info might be more current - what do you think?