View Full Version : colostrum needed ---please

Julie C (Guest)
10-11-01, 07:26 AM
Would anyone have some colostrum they could spare? i have a mare who is due to foal any time now but has been running milk solidly for a few days so I am trying to avoid a plasma transfusion.
Will travel to collect. I am near Shepparton Victoria.
Julie Conti
Dreamtime Park
phone: 03 5829 8325
email: dreamtime@shepparton.net.au

welshie from gg (Guest)
07-12-01, 11:15 AM
hi julie
its proberbly a little late now but i belive the equine hospital in congupna have a suply of colostrum. you can also try tatura vet clinic . hope all is well with the horses

Julie C (Guest)
04-01-02, 07:30 AM
Thanks for the reply, the GVEH's supply was out unfortunately, but I ended up getting some from a large trotting stud near here. The foal ended up needing two plasma transfusions regardless.
Never mind, just the way things go sometimes I guess. The mare- one of our big anglos - Arneesha and she had a lovely colt to A. Might & Power. He is pretty special and I'm hoping that he may take his Dad's place at stud.
We have had three foals this year that have needed plasma, it's funny some years there are none - other years multiples.

KE (Guest)
24-09-02, 10:54 AM
we had the same problem last year and we milked the mare ( she wasn't exactly thrilled ) and we put her in the crush and got enough to fill two babies bottles which we froze. She foaled the next night and as soon as the foal was on her feet she drank both bottles. It was an Arabian foal so two bottles were well and truly enough. Good luck

KE PSMilking her will stimulate natural oxytosin and probably help to bring her into labour