View Full Version : Help please!! Mare has aborted!

05-04-02, 12:54 PM
I am posting this on behalf of a friend whose mare aborted her foal recently. The mare was supposedly empty but had been PG'd when she was in fact approx 3 months in foal but the foal was not slipped at this stage. Approx 3 weeks prior to the abortion she started to bag up and then drip milk - my friend was amazed and thought that she must have managed to conceive the previous breeding season and that this was missed twice by the vet (mare was internally checked and blood tested). She in fact aborted a deformed foetus at 5 months. My question is, would the PG injection have been likely to have caused this abortion and the deformities in the foal or could it just have happened? Any feedback greatly appreciated. This was not a nice situation and has brought the competence of the vet into question.

CJ (Guest)
01-06-02, 08:09 AM
The vetinary arbitrations board is headed this year by some guy in Cairns - at the Buranda? Vet Clinic
I'm not a vet but would have thought that if the pg'ing was going to make her abort it would have happened sooner, I have never heard of pg'ing having such an effect on a mare that far along. There's no harm in asking the AB if it possibly could have been the cause but you might not find other vets very helpful, I gather they are not allowed to testify against each other

JS (Guest)
01-06-02, 09:04 AM
Giving the mare PG while she is pregnant will definately make her abort! The PG would have affected the development of the Foetus and it aborted when it died, although in early stages it can also happen quite immediately.

I have heard many instances of this happenning.

I am not sure how the mare was examined prior to the PG, but sometimes it is difficult at this stage without a scanner to determine if the mare is in foal.

Lily (Guest)
01-06-02, 09:07 AM
I agree. The mare would have slipped the foal a lot earlier. PG if its going to have effect will be fairly brisk about it.
Your friend should have had her mare scanned to make sure. Pregnancies at 45 days CANNOT be missed by a vet! Did your friend get the vet out when she started to drip milk?? You can put a mare on regumate for this and reduce the chances of abortion if its not due to foetul deformaties (which PG is unlikely to have caused anyhow)!

HK (Guest)
08-06-02, 12:23 PM
I agree that it's very unlikely that the PG caused an abortion so long after it was administered. It sounds like nature who we all kmow is much smarter than we are aborted the foal due to it's abnormalities which it does tend to do in all animals. What I'd like to know if she was aborted the first time to be rid of a foal from a mismating why was she back in a position to be back in foal. In Morbidly Obeses mares this is common and I don't just mean over weight horses but those that suffer from true Morbid Obesity you can inject them with Salvite E as this stops founder without locking them up and also prevents mares aborting early in about 75% of cases. Please give me a break.