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Kassy (Guest)
13-04-02, 01:37 AM
Can someone reply to my request for information or advise a good book to obtain if no one can give their valuable experience to me. I am very willing to listen to all advice about first time breeding and the steps I should take to ensure a safe and secure environment for mare and foal when born.
Please reply!!

Minnie (Guest)
13-04-02, 08:24 AM
Do you have a good horse vet Kassy??? They would be your best "hand holder" if you do. I know ours have been invaluable. Do you have a stallion in mind?? Depending on which method you are looking at using ie natural, chilled or frozen will influence what information you need. If you are going natural then a good stallion owner will also give you some sound advice on what to do. How old is the mare you are looking at breeding??? Answers to these questions will help on the information you need. Happy to help out so will check back.

Lis (Guest)
13-04-02, 08:49 AM
A book that I would recomend that you get is
Practical Horse Breeding by Kerrigan.
It is written in Australia so it has our conditions in mind.

Some TAFE colleges also do horse units now, might be worth looking there.

Let us know a bit more info about what you are doing and maybe others will be able to put their 2 cents in also.


js (Guest)
13-04-02, 09:26 AM
The subject is too detailed to write in a posting message, if you would like some advice you can email me at equineaffair@hotmail.com and I can tell you some things you may wish to do to make it easier. I breed about 9 foals a year and have learnt the hard way on what not to do.

di (Guest)
14-04-02, 02:34 AM
a fantastic book for all new and not so new breeders is 'the horse from conception to maturity' by peter d. rossdale ma phd desm frcvs. can be ordered thru your local produce or saddlery. good luck

Kassy (Guest)
17-04-02, 03:23 AM
Thanks for your replies... My mare is 14 years old (will be in October) she is extremely healthy - comes into season regularly and is very flirtatious with the geldings. I hope to put her into foal in October/November this year. The stallion I have chosen is in Windsor - about 1.5 hours away from where she is agisted. I believe it will be natural conception! I was hoping to visit the stud beforehand but have been told by them that they are closed to visitors from March to August? Is that normal. I really would like to see the set up before committing to the stallion (although I believe he would be perfect for her). I am concerned about what you need to get organised before she foals ie secure fencing/stabling for foal- size of paddock required (at present the agistment where I am has 3 geldings plus my mare but we have each individual paddocks. The fencing is not too clever though and will have to swap paddocks to get the best fences for when the foal is born. Are 3 rail fences OK - I just need every sort of information you can thnk of about rearing a foal.

Your wisdom would be appreciated.

rhonda (Guest)
27-04-03, 02:52 PM
i would you suggest you get post and rail fencing it would be the best for your mare and foal and safe and i would suggest not putting the mare and foal in with other horses when it is born as some dont take a liking to newborns i saw one kicked over the fence one day and it died (very sad)

SNH (Guest)
02-05-03, 06:59 AM
Kassy, would you mind emailing me on lunarbelle60@hotmail.com as I may be able to give you some info regarding the stallion and stud as I live in the district.

Also in regard to fencing you might want to consider putting chicken wire around the bottom of the fence to stop the foal from rolling under (especially when they are first learning to stand, sometimes they just collapse and then pop up on the other side).