View Full Version : new webside "Oldenburger Dressage Horses" from Germany

silke gethmann (Guest)
17-04-02, 10:36 AM

we are breeders of high quality "Oldenburger Dressage Horses" in Germany.
We just set our website online.
The english version will be online at the end of this week.
Would you be so kind to set a link into your side ??

Our side is: http://www.clever-zuechten.de

Please take a look into our side and if you enjoyed it, please set a note into our guestbook.

Thank you so much

with wonderful greetings from Germany


Minnie (Guest)
17-04-02, 11:25 AM
Thanks Silke.

Have added it to my Favourites and wait for the English version. Have had a quick look but my German is limited.

We're coming over to Germany in September for the Bundeschampionate and can't wait to see some great horses!!

Kind Regards

silke Gethmann (Guest)
18-04-02, 03:18 PM
Hallo again,

the english version is online since yesterday.


Please feel free to take a look ....

Enjoy your day


Silke Gethmann (Guest)
22-04-02, 12:52 PM
Hallo Minnie,

I hope you will enjoy your trip to Germany-- maybe we will meet at the Bundeschampionat ?

Enjoy reading my website and have a nice weekend.