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HK (Guest)
13-06-02, 10:12 AM
Anyone out there just wants to discuss horses. We breed Arabians and all deriviatives also Riding Ponies, ASSP and Welsh Mtn Ponies.

MelW (Guest)
19-06-02, 04:30 AM
Hi there HK,

What bloodlines do you use?
at the moment I have a young Arabian Pony gelding, with what I believe is quite decent bloodlines...
But he's sitting in the paddock at the moment doing nothing, as I just don't have the car running!

Please tell me more about your horses, would love to hear from you.


HK (Guest)
22-06-02, 12:17 PM
Hi Mel
We have four pure bred Arab stallions I'll list them in age Hideaway Farm Sherif(Al Karim Sir Halima (IMP EXP) out of Fanfar he's 18. Joda Bahjat (Simeon Sanegor (EXP) out of Shumina he's 17. El Shahnali S/Egytian (Ansata El Shawan(IMP) out of Scandal by PVA Sonbali (IMP) and Jayay Dillinger Karbine out of Wildon Style. Three are black bay and Shan is liver chestnut. We have 9 pure bred mares and several Arabian ponies. We even have some Arabian ponies and brrood mares for sale at present. We have 6 Welsh Mountain stallions all bred on Weston, Carlyle, Kay Park and Quamby Park blood with a bit of View Bank and Cherrytree thrown on. We have 15 welsh A mares and a B mare with a couple of part welsh and riding ponies as well. We are expecting 23 foals this year and needless we always have horses for sale, most of what we breed are show quality but we have our share of not so goods as all big studs do just most don't admit it.
You can contac us on

Buffy (Guest)
25-06-02, 10:26 AM
WOW you have lots of horses, and your stallions I know well, I used to own a Purebred gelding by Bahjat, he had the most sweetest nature and very pretty.I had a lot of fun with him at halter, and I believe the lady who bought him from me is doing really well at dressage with him.
I also breed and show purebreds and Derivatives, Where only a small stud, breeding two foals a year, as we are only on ten acres.
Do you travel to NSW for any of the Big Shows?

HH (Guest)
30-06-02, 11:29 AM
Yes we do a few shows and hope to do some NSW shows this year as we have astunning weanling colt we bred last year and intend to show so we'll be showing him along with Dillinger who did well for his only two shows we took him to last year. We also have a filly we showed at thirteen months last year by Bahjat that one her junior champ and went on to beat the mare for champion female only to get pipped by half a point for Supreme which was a great effort as it is hatrd enough to beat the Stallions for Supreme with a mare much less a baby filly. We turned her out them to mature physically and mentally so watch out for her this year her name is KE Desert Sunrise and the young colt is Kahlani. We'll show some Arabian ponies and welsh mountain ponies too so see you about maybe.


Deb (Guest)
07-07-02, 06:51 AM
Hi HH, i breed Arabian ponies/Riding ponies, i have 2 brood mares and are looking for 1 more. My stud is a new stud, i have 2 stallions, both Riding Ponies. I love showing my ponies, win or loose just being there, and having done all the work myself, and boy its hard work, isnt it!!!! I watched my first lot of babies born last year and what a buzz it was!! I have one due this year, thats why i am looking for another broodmare, Both my mares breed every second year. { what are the chances of buying 2 mares that do that, hey!!}But they are quality, and lovely natures, so i only want 2 foals per year. I have seen your Arab Hideaway Farm S... Sorry my spelling is not that good!! He is lovely, would love a baby from him. Have you got a web page? or some photos? would love to see them. Hope to chat soon, Deb :D

Deb (Guest)
07-07-02, 06:53 AM
Sorry HH, I ment HK,

HH or HK (Guest)
08-07-02, 03:26 PM
One is the stud the other is me. We have one brood mare that is Arabian Pony but can be Arabian Riding Pony registered for sale. She is 13HH-13.2HH Liver Chestnut flaxen mane and tail a very well made mare and is in foal to Hideaway Farm Sherif for this season and is fro sale with a return service to any of our 12 stallions including the four Arabians which means you get her her foal and another one next year. No offence about your mares but ours run with the stallions every year and have foals as often as they feel up to it. I'll always find if a mare has had a job raising a particular foal she will be empty the next year and that's fine. We had one mare had 24 foals in a row and 23 of them were fillies she then took two years off and had two more she's now retired I think. We have another mare that will be 33yrs old when she has her foal this year after 5 years off shocked the hell out of us and she is the grand dam of the mare we are selling. The mare that's for sale is only for sale as we have a lotf her family and her mother's foal by H.F.Sherif this year sold for $5000 at two weeks old to someone who came here just to look at the stallions and hadn't brought a colt in 18 years. As the whole family breed like peas in a pod you'll probably get a similar foal and it has a good chance of being black as her mothers was as ther is 8 generations of black on the dam side and Rif's sire was black. If your interested contact us at.
Yours HK

Deb (Guest)
15-07-02, 02:50 PM
Hi HK, could you please email me a photo of the mare and her breeding, and price please. What state are you in, and wow you must have your hands full with all those horses. Its a great hobby and i wouldnt swap all the work, sweat, and competing for anything!!! To bring in a fluffy, feral youngster and turn it into a show pony is wonderful. I am bringing my babies in to work in 1 week, and cannot wait, hope to chat soon, Deb:D

phoenix (Guest)
17-07-02, 06:38 PM
hi i'm new here
i'm from holland and i've got 3 horses. one foal and two mares.

HH HK (Guest)
01-08-02, 03:32 PM
Hi Deb
Put your email address on this thread and I will send you the information on the mare for sale.


Zenith (Guest)
24-08-02, 04:38 AM
Hi All,
Well my parents breed arabians, and I breed riding ponies.
My parents have four stallions:
Desert Shaik (IMP USA)
Joda Shaboogie
Joda Aly Dahr
Joda Alabama (only 2, want to breed with him before he's sold)
I only have 5 horses, 3 mares and two geldings (I bred them), soon hopefully I'll register my own stud so I dont have to breed them under mum and dads stud name.

HH HK (Guest)
24-08-02, 02:45 PM
Hi Zenith
If you breed nearly as well as your dad you'll do well we own Joda Bahjat Simeon Sanegor X Shumina and my son has or is going to show some horse for your dad. Good luck with your breeding.HH HK

Zenith (Guest)
27-08-02, 01:09 AM
Ahh you must be Matthews mum. Yes he'll be showing them again this season. How is Bahjat doing, he must be getting on a bit in age, I think he was born before I was. Hopefully I'll breed some nice horses, not really interested in purebreds though, mainly riding ponies. I'm sure i'll change my mind though.