View Full Version : Breeding Racehorses - Inbreed or Outbreed?

Another (Guest)
29-07-02, 07:53 PM
Most people want a certain 'line' to appear several times in their pedigree but I'm a big fan of hybrid vigour and don't really want the same name appearing twice too many times.
Is this foolish thinking? What do you think?
I have a Red Anchor mare with Biscay/Nasrullah appearing a few times in her dam's side. The advice that I've had so far is that Red Anchor mares are 'rubbish broodmares', but am toying with producing a racehorse.
She's a beautiful 16.2 chestnut with nice paces, so making a pleasure horse is also a possibility.
Decisions decisions...

Amy (Guest)
05-09-02, 06:33 AM
Just wondering what you are meaning by hybrid vigour is this case? Would the vigour be produced by adding a totally new line into the future horses pedigree? I do in some ways agree with you. HOwever, line breeding, when done correctly, has been proven the be very sucessful. I myself have a TB mare with alot of Star kingdom crosses in her pedigre, she's also a nice types, good looking, beautiful paces, if not a racehorses, then a performance horse

KE (Guest)
05-10-02, 04:54 PM
Hybrid Vigour is used by some people to try and breed a better type. Often two horses that don't have a lot going for them are mated hoping Hybrid Vigour will emerge and a screamer of a foal will be the result and it does occur. The problem with Hybrid ( look up the meaning of the word ) actually means a one off that rarely if ever can then go ahead and continue to reproduce the same standard. I could but won't of course mention such horses in racing showindg etc that have been absolutely unbeatable almost on the race track or in the show ring. The problem arises when the indivdual is then mated with the expectation of a another world beater being produced. Can that be the result yes of course it can but maybe one out of every 20 or 30 times not consistently as with good bloodlines to good bloodlines do where 25 out of 30 would be expected to be of a good standard. The real screamers come along every now and then from all types of matings but the chances of it being consistent or even 50% through hybrid vigour is rare. As with all breeding there is a place for hybrid vigour to breed that one off but for a serious breeder it's not something most of us would do or advocate it's for the occasional breeder who wants to give it a go and hopefully it will stay in that area where it truly belongs.
Think of it this way for hundreds of years people have bred from tried and tested blood and stud books came about because of the results that produced I doubt those stud books would be around today if they had been based on Hybrid Vigour