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Brownie (Guest)
02-07-01, 01:37 PM
My mare is hopefully 4 months pregnant and I have noticed several behavioural changes - just wondering if this could confirm her pregnancy? She has started:

Poohing in one of two areas she has created in her paddock
Hates being girthed up (previously never a problem)
Reduced tolerance to other horses ie keeps trying to kick other horses I am riding with even though she is normally "friends" with them (these have been all geldings - she has no exposure to other mares).

How long can you ride a preg mare for? You hear stories about mares being ridden the day they foaled but I certainly wasn't up to anything strenous that late in my pregnancies!!!!!

This is the first time I have foaled a mare and I am interested in anyone elses experiences.

Thank you

jj (Guest)
03-07-01, 12:43 AM
Get a vet to do a preg test, that way you will know.

Anna_TAS (Guest)
03-07-01, 02:21 AM
She sounds exactly like my mare :).
She is 7 months pregnant and I have turned her out completly, I figured that with her "change of life" she would want to be left alone, and she has proven me right with her mood changes.:D

She can be a fair B***h to be around sometimes. I was still riding her the first few months but she started to get really sick of it, became hard to catch (which is not like her) didn't like being saddled etc.

Another mare I had I was still taking on quiet trail rides up until she was 9 and a half months and then you could tell she wasn't enjoying it and was getting tired easily so I stopped.

I would get a preg test done to make sure and then you can ride her until she doesn't want to be ridden, you will know when she can't handle it anymore just like women.

Brownie (Guest)
03-07-01, 12:25 PM
Thanks for your advice Anna, Lakota does sound exactly like your mare. I don't want to get a vet to preg test as I don't have $150 to spend on something that is not essential. Her service was free, so it's not like I have to worry about losing my money, LFG etc. People had always lead me to believe that mares did not get morning sickness, mood changes etc but I'm telling you, my horse is saying otherwise. I think she is over her morning sickness though (for about 6 weeks she spent all morning lieing down - we kept worrying about colic etc but there was nothing wrong with her).