View Full Version : Where can I find the help I need for an orphan foal?????

Leigh Wheeler (Guest)
04-10-02, 05:38 AM
My mare has about 7-8 weeks to go in her pregnancy, and she has cancer in her groin. I can't find any information on raising an orphan foal or where to get colostrum from. Does anyone know where I can get all this information from? I live in Proserpine in Queensland. If you have information that could possibly help my email address is mandywildone@speedynet.aunz.com

EA (Guest)
05-10-02, 12:51 AM
there is no particular place to go. You can speak or go to the Total Reproduction website, they will be able to supply milk replacer products etc. You could advertise at the time of foaling on the forum to see if anyone has a surrogate. you will need to work out with your vet what you are going to do about getting the colostrum the foal needs. Not sure how viable milking your mare is, as you may need to get this out of her prior or just after her foaling. Else again you will need to try and find some via vets, TB studs etc that may collect it. However most people that have it would be wanting to keep it on hand for their own foals.

last year there were many forum posters that gave their recipies for what they fed orphan foals, so you can look at the archives or start another post.

otherwise I will speak with your vet and work out what you are going to do prior to the horse foaling.