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Burner (Guest)
31-10-02, 03:24 AM
I have been riding appies for a long time now and currently have a very nice few spot mare that I am considering breeding with.
I have done some research and identified that a few sopt mare will always throw colour even when mated wit ha solid coloured horse. I am looking to get a very colourfull appaloosa foal and am looking for a suitable stallion.. Can anyone give me some insight into appy breeding and genetics including us of the few spot for breeding-or direct me to where I can get more detailed appy genetic info from? Anyone had any experience in this oe few spot breeding appies

Delpine (Guest)
11-12-02, 01:54 PM
I have only just read your email and if you were going to breed your mare you probably already have. If you haven't can I suggest you breed to a Quarter Horse or a solid coloured appaloosa stallion. The reason I suggest this rather than to a coloured appaloosa stallion is to try to avoid breeding a night blind appaloosa. You may have noticed your few spot mare can't see at night and this is a side effect of being a few spot. Snow capped blanketed horses tend to also be night blind - a situation you need to try to avoid as these horses tend to get hurt easily because they can't see obstacles.

You will end up with a coloured horse and being half quarter horse it should be a nice foal.

Good Luck

rhonda (Guest)
27-04-03, 01:43 PM
i once put my palomino stallion to an appy mare and she had a beautiful palomino appy foal which you dont see much of. The lady that bought her from me when she was about three years old put her to a bay stockhorse stallion and she had a solid black foal.I dont know whether the foal ever spotted as he got older though.