View Full Version : tumour on ovary

lyn (Guest)
23-12-02, 01:56 PM
could anyone please give me information about ovary tumours, the operation and the approx cost.

reek (Guest)
01-01-03, 07:43 AM
Just a question, have you had your vet diagnose your mare with ovarian cancer? Our experience with this was with a mare who slowly developed her tumorous ovary over several years. She was originally diagnosed with a cyst on the ovary which developed into the cancer. When we found out it was cancerous she was booked into Shepparton Vet Clinic and was opperated on by Angus McKinnon. The ovary was removed leaving her with just the one ovary and he told us that the mares normally will come back into season in six months. But our mare came back in season in three!!
As proof the op. worked she got in foal on the second serve and now has a four month foal at foot. As we had the op. two years ago we paid about $1500 total, but prices may vary to how complex the operation is. Good luck.

lyn (Guest)
03-01-03, 01:54 PM
thanks for your comments,our mare was sent to stud and served over a period of 4 months, kept coming back into season or seemed to be, wasnt very receptive to the stallion, finally asked for a vet to see her, he gave her a scan and came up with ovary tumour, this was all just before christmas, we have now booked her in to have more tests etc to make sure this is not cancerous, and then we will work out our options. which ever way will do all we can for her. again thanks.