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Katie (Guest)
31-12-02, 08:54 AM
I have a mare who is due in about 3 weeks and she has been discharging. I have had the vet to her to ensure that it is not an infection of some sort but even after her course of sulphar she is still discharging.

I suppose my query is how much discharge is considered normal or ab-normal for a pregnant mare?

Any comments would be apperciated.

25-02-03, 12:27 PM
hI, I have a several mares foal, but in all honesty I have never seen any discharge from any of them. I would be interested to know what colour the discharge is i.e clear, yellow, browny, as this would give more indication as to whether it is an infection or not.
Mares do discharge after foaling, this is part of the cleaning process.

25-02-03, 01:42 PM
Last year I had a mare that went 4 weeks over. She had a mild jelly type of discharge about 3 weeks before foaling that did not need to be treated according to my vet. She appeared healthy and had a healthy well grown filly foal when she did eventually get around to having her. Not all discharges are a problem. If the discharge is smelly or looks very puss filled it could be very bad for you foal. But in the case for my mare it was not a problem.

10-03-03, 07:09 PM
Hi there,

your mare would have foaled now, and no doubt you havew now witnessed the discharge being the plug, as it is called that stops germs entering the cervix. All mares who are due to foal, some early will have a discharge before birth,
as long as the discharge is not a rusty brown, then all is well.
What did she have?

Kind regards Valerie. 10.3.03 reply if you wish.