View Full Version : proven broodmare failing to come into season

Emily (Guest)
31-01-03, 08:50 AM
My 11 y.o. broodmare has a healthy 2+ month old foal at foot, and she had a foal the year before. She is usually extremely tarty and easy to tell when she is in season. However, since the last foal, I have not observed behaviour of her coming into season, although my Geldings usually get her excited when the time is right. HAVE THEY LOST THEIR SEX APPEAL? She is otherwise healthy and active and receives a balanced diet.

Has anyone else had this problem with thair mares?
Could it be the dry season, or any ideas what else?

MD (Guest)
02-02-03, 04:21 AM
This is a common problem with mares when we are having a bad season, they tend not to cycle properly and it is very difficult to get them back in foal.

If you were looking to put her back in foal then possibly you should have her scanned to see whether she is cycling and just not showing or whether she is currently not cycling.

If she is not cycling properly (probably due to the drought) then it is best not to try to get her in foal as with previous experience they will not fall.