View Full Version : cow hocked foal

julie (Guest)
28-03-03, 03:41 AM
I have a 6 month old foal which is cow hocked will this affect her in any way, eg (performance, jumping, hacking, etc)will this breed on in her foals?

Ali at home
10-04-03, 01:27 PM
It's very hard to describe cow hocks in writing, however what lots of people think are cow hocks are not. I have hardly seen any horses with true cow hocks. True cow hocks are a weakness and can lead to soundness problems, and are hereditry.

True cow hocks are where the actual leg is crooked at the hock, not where the feet turn out and the hocks turn in, so the horse stands splay footed. In a 6 month old this is pretty normal and even as an adult it is often a sign of a horse who can reach right under itself with it's hind legs, because it's stifles are able to clear the barrel, to slide around the outside rather than bump into the barrel. O.k I'm sure I've confused you, I've just about confused myself! If I can find it I'll post an article that explains it really well. It's at work so I'll look for it next week.

But in the mean time, at 6 months old, don't be too worried about any wierd looking conformation, you'll see plenty more before she's finished growing!

rhonda (Guest)
27-04-03, 12:28 PM
when she is ready to be trimmed get your farrier to trim her lower on the outside of her hooves than the inside at the back and this will eventually straighten her legs but it is normal for a foal to be like this i wouldnt worry too much, i have had a lot of foals with the same problem and farriers are good at fixing the problem.
hope this helps