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Kate H
03-07-01, 12:50 AM
Good morning everyone,
just thought that I would pop in to see what happened over the weekend, and found nothing.........Oh well.......I suppose we are all so quiet this morning after the thrashing last night in SofO....boo hoo, boo hoo.
On a brighter note, I met Buckskinremi yesterday down at the Illawarra Western Riding Club show at Albion Park, and guess what???? she is a very nice lady, easy to talk to, and is driving all the way up to the foal show just to see some babies by stallions she is thinking of using over her mare.
It was a cold day when Tate and I left yesterday morning, but down at Albion Park, the weather was absolutely superb. Had to take the jumper off.....
Did anyone go to the bull ride at the Superdome on Saturday night???

03-07-01, 12:54 AM
Good morning Miss Kate, and everyone else... no did not go to the bull ride...preferred instead to have dinner at the Hawkesbury Hotel, watch the bloody terrible display of football called the Wallabies v Lions, and drink way too much amber stuff.

But apart from that, had a nice w/e. How did everybody else fare?

03-07-01, 01:18 AM
Hey everyone!

Was just going to start a #24 myself...then we would have had three to choose from!

Emma and I did a photo shoot yesterday. Pulled the ex-broodmare out of the paddock, saddled her up, quick lunge..and then rode her! First time for almost three years...... Took some really nice photos (or what I THOUGHT were really nice!), then we taught OUR galloway to canter (see Emma, I can share) and took what I though to be some really naice photos of him as well. Dusk was approaching, and to my horror, we discovered that the dial in the camera was not on properly and NONE of the horsey photos came out........BOOO HOOO ! Bummer, poop and any other expletive.

The filly foal had a "Dont kick Daddy" lesson, but that was about all the playing with foals we did.

So, what are we doing next weekend????? More photos...........

John Boy...only just saw your post this morning re that "thing", I'll be home tonight if you want to give me your opinion...or email me on maplej@cba.com.au

cheers all!

John Boy (Guest)
03-07-01, 01:40 AM
Hi Jacki

Your a brave devil will ring you to night ,sorry I haven't got back sooner but was consoling a friend over the weekend who had to have her horse down VERY SAD he was a lovely boy!

03-07-01, 01:53 AM
hello and good morning to alll well had to work this weekend so i can have the foal shoew off
how are you abby jo how you babies hope they are okay
what was some of the big wins this w/end

abbyjo (Guest)
03-07-01, 03:20 AM
Hi Daniel, I will have to introduce you to the rest of the gang at the foal show. I hope you are coping with all those ponies you are looking after.

Gary (Guest)
03-07-01, 03:33 AM
Hi all!!
After a busy sat. with foals all went well. Must brand the wooly little girls shortly. Sun. Judges Forum and Workshop was well represented.
See You!!!

SNH (Guest)
03-07-01, 04:35 AM
I've just taken a peek at the "naice mixed bunch" and have been killing myself laughing at their spider stories. The highlight of my weekend was when hubby very calmly told me that he found the padlock on the gate of the new place "tampered with" and discovered 4 men cutting up my fence posts for firewood. One had been given permission as he was hubby's "mate" (but not to touch MY fenceposts, just the fallen timber) and had decided to invite his 3 neighbours for a free-for-all. There they were loading up their utes and trailers with absolutely no idea what they'd done. Good thing I wasn't there to see it. How desperate are some people?

03-07-01, 05:04 AM

Back at work (after a 5.15am start to get the plane back to Sydney from Melbourne)

I spent the weekend almost doing nothing horsey at all!

We went to Melbourne for a long weekend - shopped until I was sick of it!

Then on Saturday we went to visit the Tainsh family - who own Kingsfred pony stud. These wonderful people came to stay with us during the Olympics and we've been friends ever since. The kids got packed off to pony club and us grown ups got to go to some wineries in the Geelong area - even went to Spray Farm where the 3DE is held.

If anyone is looking for ponies at the moment, Judi has some lovely ones sitting in the paddock waiting for the right person to come along. They've simply got the best temperaments (as well as conformation and looks). Judi called out to them in an 80 acre paddock and all of a suddent there were 20 ponies around us wanting pats and saying "hello".

So, Mr Pegasus had the weekend off - he would have been pleased!

03-07-01, 05:08 AM
Hello there to all..I think I should probably introduce myself as I have been reading these "naice" showies posts(and the spider stories today LOL) recently - everyone seems really social and keen to share, so that is great.
My name is Marcia, I come from the WA bush originally but somehow have ended up working in IT in Sydney. The significant other is not horsey but he still managed to run Taamir out for a Supreme Halter Part Bred last year at Castle Hill Spring Show!
I ride a very well fed part arab and he is beginning to be a proper riding horse. He is a chestnut, 3/4 arab, 15.05hh and is rising 7. I think he is super and he really does have a huge trot - and a huge tail carriage to go with it. He is registered as Marahi Taamir (EFA registered as Applause) and is beginning elementary level work - not that I am up to it yet!
I agist up in Middle Dural but live nearer to the CBD and try to have a dressage lesson once a week or ride out as often as I can.
Cheers to everyone - Marcia (and Taamir of course)

03-07-01, 05:41 AM
AAWWW NOOO SNH, those rotton scoundels. How rude? To take a fence apart...I can't comprehend how dumb those men must be.

Much damage? Will the fence be expensive to replace?

Well, I hope your frustration has been vented...it must have been because it's passed on to me - I feel frustrated for you!!!

cgh (Guest)
03-07-01, 05:55 AM
Hi and welcome to the Naice Showies Marcia. I'm Cate, and I show a rising 3 year old ASH gelding, who is also very well fed.

I haven't posted for a while so I thought I'd fill everyone in on my trivia :9 :7 :D

Stormie aka Glen Lee Storm is in work for his 1st season under saddle, and I'm having LOTS of lessons from shane and a nice guy called Les Friend (hi Les if you read this :) ) we're going well, and I'm really pleased with the way Stormie's listening and is going for me. Shane's going to ride him for a bit soon, which will be exciting (he'll have to work really hard for a change :p )

Also good news is that he's stayed nice and fat despite coming off his show feed. i bought him a Highlander Combo and I'm really rapt in that: for those of you who remember me from May, Storm's speciality is removing his rugs, and patches of hair at the same time :( However, he's totally unable to get out of his new rug, it doesn't move however much he rolls, and it keeps his coat really shiny too.

I'm avoiding all shows right now, but like to read about Kate, Jacki and others doing their winter seasons. I've got a Steve Brady school I'm doing in July, so Buckskinremi, are you likely to be there? I've seen you at one I'm sure.....

Anyway, keep up the good stories and see you guys round sometime I hope :D

SNH (Guest)
03-07-01, 06:05 AM
It was the posts which we'd had cut and were in a pile waiting to be built into a fence. If I'd actually spent time building the fence and they'd taken it apart, well.........I won't say what may have happened. I certainly wouldn't have been quite so pleasant about it. It was the first wood they saw and just hooked into it. I should still have enough for what I need but it was mainly the principle of them just taking for themselves without having the owner of the property present that made me see red. Thank you for your shared frustration, I needed to get it off my chest majorly - hubby wasn't too happy either. He laughs at me when the word "sale" is mentioned but "free firewood" seems to do it for blokes. :D C'est la vie. I'll get over it.

pookiesgirl (Guest)
03-07-01, 07:55 AM
I think you might be confusing me with Buckskinremmi! I'm the one that does the Steve Brady schools at Otford on the Buckskin although in July I am bringing my red bay TB (green) gelding just for the Sat beginner's class. He will be the one that looks more like a quarter horse, has a really nice white strip and brains bulging out of his forehead. I'll probably have a blue saddlecloth on so if you pick me out come and saw hello. The buckskin is on holidays at the moment getting woolly and fat. Did you do the Shane school on the weekend? I popped down for a quick visit and saw the start of the afternoon session with Kim B and Motley strutting their stuff! They are going so well with their dressage - I'm so jealous!

cgh (Guest)
03-07-01, 02:11 PM
Oh yeah - sorry Pookies Girl! My brains 'ave rotted in the cold weather :D yeah I did shane's school in the middle class, and it was excellent.

You're right about Kim - she and Motley are going great guns at the moment, and they were our shining stars of the weekend.

I'll look out for you at the Brady school - I'll be there both days and it'll be nice to meet you in person. I'll be in the later group, on a short fat stock horse called Storm!

what's the story with the TB? what's his breeding? what are going to do with him? the brains bit sounds good :)

pookiesgirl (Guest)
04-07-01, 12:12 AM
Hi again Cate,
The TB (Kane) is a Geiger Counter that I picked up for $500 about 3 years ago - he bled in training. I did a bit with him back when I got him but he dumped me twice - badly. It has taken me three years to get the confidence to get back on him - partly due to my boyfriend getting on him and showing me that the horse is not bad at all and partly because I was never going to let the horse have the upper hand forever. He was just very young, green and unbalanced when I first started riding him and I happened to be the unlucky one to cop it.
He's a lovely quiet boy really, can get a little nervy on the odd occasion but gives me 100%, 100% of the time - never argues, just tries his little heart out. I've only been riding him about 5 weeks now - he seems to have faith in me now and I am alot more confident on him. It's incredible how he has progressed in such a short time - he is so trainable but it's taking a bit to get him supple. We had our first canter in three years two weeks ago and boy was that scary. He shot through from underneath me and I panicked big time - lucky I was under instruction at the time! (in an arena dodging showjumps!)Anyway we have quickly got past that and now it's hard work for me to keep him going at the canter as he's quite unfit (thank god). He's got lovely movement and shows a beautiful medium trot without encouragement so I hope to persue the dressage with him, he'd probably make a hunter hack but not a show hack - he's really my winter horse! And as for his brains you will see what I mean - he has those two bulges protuding from his forehead - just gorgeous!

04-07-01, 01:10 AM
Good morning all
how everyone going
what`s been happeing
hi snk what with this firewood
still going to the foal show i might be taking a parte bred too so see ya out there
good morning abbyjo

SNH (Guest)
04-07-01, 02:26 AM
Daniel son, what's this talk about a partbred? Give us a hint of what it is, breeding etc. Filly, colt or gelding? I've got friday afternoon off to take Fergie out for some training. How's your mare going? What did she get at the winter show? Are you going to take her to the royal next year? Led, ridden or both?

04-07-01, 02:38 AM
hi snk
Just a lady who ask me to show it for her it is a bay filly who are you going to for some training? my mare is going good she got 2nd in led and res champ ridden partbred mare which was very good for me just lunging her at the start of the week yeah i am going to try to go to the royal taking her boy rider and led and ridden partbred how is your mare going taking them both to the royal it is great that we can finally show at the royal

cgh (Guest)
04-07-01, 02:43 AM
sounds like he'll be a lovely ride once he's had a bit more work. good on you for not giving up! I exited out the back door on Storm a few weeks ago - on a trail ride, we rode past some big palm fronds which I brushed out of my face. Well, they hit him on the rump and he shot forward so fast I was almost horizontal - then he jigged and I slid off the side. No harm done, but I'll make sure I've got shorter reins next time :P

Trainability is such a great thing in a horse - this is the first one like it I've had, and boy I appreciate the difference :D

I like the Hunter types very much - comes from growing up in the UK I guess. I really noticed the difference when I was watching the Grand National on TV some time ago, through my fingers, and I picked up a real difference in type between the English TBs especially the stayers. they're good tough horses. Not that the Oz ones aren't pretty special, just different.

04-07-01, 04:21 AM
Alright everyone, I'm off to Mudgee now to do some stuff for my Mudgee Small Farm Field Days program, which I might add, was only supposed to be 40 pages long and has now blown out to 72 pages - which I have to fill. This would have to be the only time the advertising department has put some effort in!

There are two horse float exhibitors and one saddler plus Five-Daughter leads and a working horse display, so when I go and cover the field days I will have something which will interest me.

And then tomorrow its off to Binnaway, then Coolah for store cattle sales.

So think of me while I'm on the road...dodging wombats (there's always run-over ones on the side of the road) and looking at the beautiful horse studs in the area (Goree is one be waste of white fencing though).

Cheers, Phoebs

04-07-01, 04:22 AM
That was supposed to read one BIG waste of white fencing (two full time fence painters!)

SNH (Guest)
04-07-01, 06:14 AM
Good to hear your mare is going well. I'm not going to take my bay for her led class at the royal. Will retire her from them pretty much. Don't think I'll go for ridden either. Wish they'd brought the classes in a couple of years ago when she was at her peak. I had decided to breed from her this year anyway and once she's in foal she won't be leaving the paddock. Will try and finish my costume and get her out a few times before I breed her. I will see if the baby qualifies this year though, but will aim for the following year. The person who I'm going to on Friday isn't an arab person although they do own an anglo, they mainly compete with another breed.

pookiesgirl (Guest)
04-07-01, 07:43 AM
Hey XPY - the TB I have been talking about was bred at Goree stud! What a coincidence! PS - I love the Mudgee district and am very jealous - wanna swap jobs?

04-07-01, 08:26 AM
LOL How can anyone get me and Pookiesgirl mixed up? There is about 60kgs difference between us! and I don't dare get on a horses back ,so I would be no good doing and clinics! lol

Hey Kate I loved meeting you, you are just so nice,a real me sorta woman, down to earth. -lol

On a sader note-, one of my very good friends lost her Willocroft gelding yesterday to travel sickness. Dylan had been sold to Darwin and well on the way up there when he took a turn for the worse. He is going to be missed he would of loved running with all those Emus and Kangaroos. My friend is devistated, even though she no longer owned him.

well must go for now



04-07-01, 10:14 AM
who are you going to breed to her?
i was going to breed with mine but having to much fun untill i find a hack or maybe sell her dont know yet
well hope you have fun on friday
just got buck off a liitle welsh ponie a buckskin that i am going to train and sell
well talk to you soon