View Full Version : Suggestions please - best way to advertise a free lease horse.

Molly (Guest)
27-06-03, 11:46 AM
I rarely "move" horses, and I am in a tight spot. I am looking to free lease out (or sell)a TB, however have no idea how to go about screening interested persons. I have, in the past been "burned" by other horse people - so I am very careful this time. I dont have ratty types, or horses that have vices,etc. Can anyone make any useful suggestions -

Thanks for your time.


Weezel (Guest)
28-06-03, 01:40 PM
I have taken horses on lease, and also leased horses. I too have been "burned". I look after my lease horses like they are my own, but unfortunately not everyone has the same attitude.

I find the best way is by word of mouth - if you advertise you have no way to screen people. At least if you use word of mouth, chances are you will get someone local who your friends/associates know, so you can keep track of what is happening with your horse. Also make sure you have a written and signed lease agreement - it doesn't have to be anything flash, just make sure it is clear who is paying the bills!

Belinda (Guest)
11-07-03, 08:54 AM
I suggest you enter into a legal lease. Check out this website http://www.horseforce.com.au/horseforcelease.htm

Once you have this legally binding agreement, it's not so much a matter of trust, more one of legality, so the leasee is bound by what you both agree upon. This particular site offers lease agreements that include areas such as horse welfare, vet etc. The best $35 you'll spend!

As far as advertising, well these sites are visited by huge amounts of people:

www.petlink.com.au (go to horse section)

Best of luck