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16-08-03, 02:08 AM
Hi all, just wondering if anyone has transported frozen semen from overseas (the States). If so, would you have a ballpark idea of costs, how long you can keep it for - etc etc?

Thanks in advance.

24-04-04, 10:38 PM
Hi last season we did 30 mare frozen 34 to 40 thousand + the coast of the semen. Contact IHB International Horse Breed to see stock the horse that you are after. Lisa Wright JD Wright Vet Con P/L Dick Wright Equine Specialist MACVSc Equine Surgery FACVSc EQUINE MEDICINE
If you have a mare that is not suited it is a waste of time. my email is jd.wright1@bigpond.com

25-04-04, 01:07 AM
Contact a semen importer such as IHB or Waterview Park and they will be able to give you approximate costs. It is very costly to import semen from overseas. EA has also imported semen, she may be able to give you an idea on costs.