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22-09-03, 03:47 AM
Just wondering if anyone may have a suggestion to offere regarding my current situation. I have a lovley TB mare (15hh) who is 9 years of age. She has had one foal, and is currently in foal to the same Clydesdale stallion again. I was going to keep her, as a side line to the T/B I Train and Race, however time has not permitted.

Due to the deflated horse market, and drought situation - I am looking for suggestions as to how best sell or lease this mare. Unfortunatly broodmares can fetch very low prices. I would consider "giving this mare away" if I could retain the foal. However I am not sure of legalities and other associated issues. The mare is ASB registered, as is the stallion, however I need to move her quickly, but really need to avoid making the wrong decision. What options are available to me? Can any one make any further practicle decisions.

The mare is located north of Melbourne, your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

22-09-03, 01:56 PM
Hey Mel,
I read your post and I thought I could this for you, the only thing that worries me is growing the foal out to the age of weaning. If anything happened to the foal, if the mare is poor is she going to foal sucessfully and stuff like that.
Just one suggestion, maybe if you went further out from the city for agistment. I live n/w of bendigo and we have feed up to my bum, there's that much around.
It's hard when the foal is worth more then the mother but until that foal is born and raised it's not, the mother is.
Good Luck.

23-09-03, 02:13 AM
Thanks for your reply.

I guess the other option I had not considered is to give away the mare and foal. I deal with Racehorses worth many thousands of dollars, and my intention with this mare was to have a little bit of fun on the side. Sadly time has not permitted. I would be more than happy to give the mare away including the foal for free to you. There are no strings attached, just that she go to a wonderful home. I do need to move her urgently though.

Please e-mail me at: addington94@hotmail.com

for further information. The mare is located near Romsey - so not all that far from you.

01-10-03, 06:20 AM
Thanks for all your responses.

I have had so many e-mail from people offering to take the mare. She has gone to a wonderful lady in NSW, leaving on the truck tomorrow.

Nice to know there are some great horse peoiple out there!