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Lisa an Gypsie
03-01-04, 01:39 AM
ok, another question here. My mare is about 4-5 months pregnant now, she is a big (16.3 3/4hh) thoroughbred, and she's chestnut. Now what i want to know is...what can i do to settle her down????? she has so much energy it's not funny...i lead her places and she's prancing beside me like she's gonna take off....now normally she's perfectly fine and doens't show any signs of energy....???? it's not her feed because nothing she's getting is heating. I lunge her in the round yard and she tears around at a million miles an hour like deamons are chasing he...bucking and carrying on....what kind of exercise can i give her to settle her down and not harm the foal??????

Lisa an Gypsie

03-01-04, 02:31 AM
Give her plenty of room in as large a paddock as you can find, with safe fencing and good feed and the company of other pregnant mares. Her foal will need the space too if it is to grow properly. Feed alone won't do it; exercize - natural exercise - is essential for good bones and muscles.
Personally, I wouldn't lunge her.
Hope this helps.

03-01-04, 08:36 AM
I agree with Neigh-all, a large paddock with some good roughage for feed is probly the best thing for her, with the company of others, preferably pregnant mares but if you only hv geldings or dry mares then they wont harm her.
Lunging her isnt such a great idea, the more fit u make her the more energy shes going to have, and the bucking and carryin on, as much as she may just be enjoyin herself, it may be stressin the foal. A stressed foal will lead to an abortion.
Just set her free in a large paddock, give her plenty of feed, shes eatin for two now and will need good weight (but not fat) to be sure she keeps the pregancy. And just check on her daily.
Thats the best thing u can give her.

Lisa an Gypsie
03-01-04, 02:19 PM
Ok, She is actually in the largest paddock I can find...and she needs exercise due to an injury on her hind leg...it needs to be moved or the wound could stiffen the joint...she's got pleanty of feed...though there is not much grass around she has free access to rhodes grass (good quality) and she's fed twice a day. She's in good condition...you can't see her ribs but they are there...you can just feel them...and she's got a niceley rounded rump.

Lisa an Gypsie