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14-01-04, 07:28 AM
I'm a first time breeder and have my first foal on the ground at 3.5 months. Could someone please tell me about or where to find, the best info regarding vaccinations, weaning, handling, etc.

14-01-04, 09:22 AM
There are a large number of books available on the subject of foals and their care.
I like "Practical Horse Breeding" by R. H. Kerrigan and "Veterinary Notes For Horse Owners" by Captain M. Horace Hayes.
Check out your local library or saddlery store. If you live in Vic. there is a fabulous shop called The Horsemans Bookshop in High Street, Armadale that has books on every horse topic.
Alternatively, type keywords into your search engine on the internet and you will find info. on most things.
If your foal is 3.5 months old now is the perfect time to start a course of Tetanus/Strangles vaccines (3 given at 2 weekly intervals).

Happy Hunting!

14-01-04, 01:24 PM
I found "Blessed Are the Broodmares" a very good read. There is a sequel called "Blessed are the Foals" (i think) which would probably deal with that sort of stuff. The only problem is it is written by an American vet and some things aren't what we do in Australia (ie. drugs used, practices because of weather differences etc.) If in doubt have a talk to your vet, they are usually very helpful.