View Full Version : Fescue grass & aborting mares

18-01-04, 04:44 AM
Hi, anybody know much about Fescue grass & it causing mares to abort?. I have a TB mare which lost its foal 6 weeks early & she is in a paddock that was last season resown with a combination of grasses & there is a percentage of that (quite small), that comprises Fescue. I consulted an egronamist in having my paddocks resown & stipulated that it was for mares & foals.After losing this latest foal I have now heard that Fescue can cause problems, though the mare has pretty well been hand fed together with ample quantities of hay & lucerne & hasn't been grazing that much as we have pretty dry conditions at the moment.
Any information would be gratefully recieved & also any other ideas that people have concerning mares losing there foal at such a late stage.