View Full Version : hormone changes after being AI'd

21-01-04, 01:45 PM
Can anyone tell me how the mares cycle changes once AI'd if they are successful in going into foal. I am on try 2 for frozen and after a week she is looking snakey just like try 1 that didnt work. Do you think it sounds like a bad sign or can they still go thru the bad mood cycle after AI and still go into foal??

22-01-04, 01:45 AM
We had our mare AI'd in November and her temperament never changed. When she was taken back to be scanned for her last test she took a look at the crush when we led her passed it "Oh not again"!! Not a very pleasant experience for her we are sure.
We used chilled semen.

22-01-04, 02:33 AM
Waterlily, is it normal for your mare to behave like this at that stage of her cycle? Some mares are naturally very hormonal. Some mares do have a change of temperament when they go in foal and others have no change at all. I have a mare that one year she changes to very friendly and the next she becomes very cranky. It is usaually a very good indication as to whether she has taken to the semen or not.
My vet tells me that this change in temperament is very common. Good luck I hope she goes in foal for you. Some people are having a very bad year this year.

22-01-04, 03:48 PM
She wasnt really that cranky, just having a sideways look at me when eating and a slight laying back of the ears. This is what she does as part of her normal cycle in dioestrus. Today however I was checking under her tail and she was winking away at me!!! This is day 9 after AI.... seems really weird. She was very much on heat the day she was brought back from the vets having been AI'd and was sending my gelding crazy. Any observations from others would be helpful as this is my first mare I have tried AI with.