View Full Version : Breeding - on the side?

Sarah J.
30-01-04, 06:31 PM
Has anyone had any experience with setting up and maintaining a small stud? I am at uni studying business but I'd love to eventually breed horses as a side project (both for interest and income).

The question is where to start???

31-01-04, 01:30 AM
I have done this but it takes about 20 years to get everything together, unless of course you have alot of money to invest to get you started.

The best place to start is to enrol and complete one of the Horse Management courses on offer, as they teach you about all facets of horse management and breeding.

You then need to decide if you want to do it for leisure, and make money via other means, or whether you want to business to support itself. They are quite different propositions, as with only a couple of mares it would be impossible to make the enterprise pay for itself.

Prepare a business plan, then start working very very hard!

31-01-04, 07:21 AM
I run a small stud as well as being a full-time mum and part-time student.

I do it as a hobby, mainly because it takes away the pressure of having to make money, which makes it more enjoyable. If I sell one for a good price, then great, but I don't have to cover all my expenses every year.

You need to decide on a breed - you may have already - then decide whether you will operate as a broodmare farm or stand a stallion. Do you have a suitable property? If you will operate as a broodmare farm, what stallions will you use? Will you foal the mares down at home or send them to stud to foal down? Will you accept outside mares?

Another point, as far as I am concerned, is are you in it for the money or for the love of the breed? If you breed TBs you need to follow the trends to make money and breed what will sell. But if you breed Arabians or a pony breed (for example) you need to know what type you are aiming for and plan a breeding programme, as well as choosing your mares with care. Researching pedigrees and planning matings can be half the fun :-)