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03-02-04, 02:39 PM
I want to start breeding riding ponies. I have the land and the facilities available to me in SA. I have a stallion lined up and will have him on lease on the property. I also have a young well bred mare.
Does anyone know how I can get well bred mares on lease to start me off? and does anyone one where I can get some information regarding sizes of stallion yards, best types of fencing and looking after stallions. Your assistance would be appreciated.

06-02-04, 05:43 AM
I am also new to breeding ponies and I was lucky enough to be able to lease some nice mares. All I can suggest is that you make contacts within the breed and let word get around about what you are looking for and what stallion you have. The same people may be able to help you out with keeping your stallion.

06-02-04, 05:47 AM

Unfortunately the info you are asking for is relatively hard to come by. There are some publications on small scale breeding etc that may help you. The best thing to do is enrol yourself in the Horse management course, at TAFE. Not sure where you are but They run the course at Noarlunga, and North somewhere.

You will learn everything about breeding horses, setting up properties etc.

Cant help you with the mares, suggest you contact some studs, some may offer you a foal for foal deal if they like your stallions, where they will lease you the mare to breed a foal and you return her in foal to one of your stallions the following season.

Most people that have good mares would be using them themselves.

08-02-04, 06:15 AM
Thank you Jodie for your information.
I will certainly put the word around.

08-02-04, 06:17 AM
Thankyou for responding. I have been to libraries and a few book shops but they have been no help.
I will enquire this week with the TAFE and also contact some studs.