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06-02-04, 02:28 PM
Can anyone help? I have a 6 yo ch/nut t/bred mare. I would love to breed a th/bred performance type palamino from her, I know of a stallion nearby who looks stunning but would like to know the probability of getting a pally? I get the gist of dominant & recessive genes but not sure of the details.
Also, I did come across a web address on equine colour but now cant find the address!!

07-02-04, 05:02 AM
Hi Rosie,

I have a 17.3hh Chestnut TB mare also. I have recently crossed her to a palomino called Dimond Park Gold Obession who is a stunning 4yo stallion in Victoria. He is 16.3hh and 7/8 TB. I am hoping that my future foal (mare is 32 days pregnant) will be suitable for dressage & showing. Dimond Park Gold Obsession is a fantastic type of horse with excellent confirmation and as a two or three year old came second an RMS in Preformance stallion against older WB's.

So far he has been an excellent colour producer with all his present foals being palomino. Breeding a palomino to a chestnut, the colour will depend on your mares genetics and parents / grandparents and how they mix with the stallion. My mares parents & grandparents were all chestnut so it is likely that I will have either a palomino or a chestnut foal but not garenteed. However the stallion and the mare are a great mix for each other so even if it is not a palomino foal it should still be a stunner with excellent movement, comfiemation and a quite temperment. I would also highly recommend the stud, they took fantastic care of my mare.

All the best with your mare!


07-02-04, 05:43 AM
Thanks, Bridget,
coincidentaly, Diamond Park Gold Obssesion is the stallion I was thinking of sending her too, as he looks magnificent, (though I have only seen photos)and he is just around the corner. Your great reference has just cemented my decision. This is my mares and my first time breeding so I was a little concerned about the way some studs treat mare, getting ripped off etc. Sept. 03, we did send this mare to a thouroughbred stallion, but she missed for some reason unknown to anyone, she has been vet checked & is healthy & cycling fine so now I would like to send her to this stallion instead. Do you know if it is too late in the season to put a mare in foal? It is for the racing game due to age confinds, but what about any others?

My husband and I have had disagreements over what type of stllion to put her too.....sort of like deciding which school to send your child too! Looks like I might win!

Hope you have a big, healthy, golden baby!


07-02-04, 05:23 PM
Hi Rosie and Bridget
As both your girls are chestnut and the stallion is pali it is simply a matter of whether the stallion throws his dilute gene or not.
The resulting foals from these breedings will be 50% chestnut 50% palomino. That said some horses do throw their dilute gene more than 50% of the time as it would seem from your description is the case with this bloke.
As to whether it is to late in the season or not Rosie that comes down to your mare is she cycling? are the stallion owners still taking mares this late? and how late a foal do you want?
Congrats on your conception Bridget and good luck to you Rosie
Hope you both have healthy bubs be they blondes or red heads

10-02-04, 04:34 AM
Hi Rosie,

Sorry I was away for the weekend at a show in Bendigo. Byonie was outstanding to deal with and a really genuine person. My mare was fed twice per day, rugged morning and night and brought in to the stable when it rained in all very well looked after, she actually put on weight whilst at stud. I think however that she has stopped standing him at stud for this season as she is starting to prepare him for the end of the show season, however it is worth a call. He is even more brilliant in the flesh and his photos really don't do him justice at all!

I live in northern Vic and drove for 5.5 hours to visit my mare and see him and it was well worth the drive there and the long drive home just flew as I was dreaming about my foal and extremely happy with how my mare was being looked after.

I am also planning on sending my other mare to him the next season.

If you call Bryonie tell her I said Hi.

Best of luck,

16-02-04, 02:03 AM
Hi Bridget & Helen
After your first note, I called Bryonie & visited her stud the next day (she is only 15 minutes from my place, very handy). The stallion is sensational & Bryonies property and horse management skills are a credit to her. After seeing alot of run-down, foal factory studs around, it is such a pleaure to see such well maintained horses & land. The stallion is the thouroughbred-type I was looking for & a perfect palomino colour & even if I end up with another chestnut, the foal is bound to be a beauty. The mare I have is a nice type, thoroughbred by Luskin Star......now I cant wait for the foal & she isnt even in foal yet!
At one stage I thought of sending her to a cremello stallion, at least I would be certain of getting a pally, but I wasnt sure of the colour type or conformation that would result. I hope this stallions dilute gene kicks in this conception!
Helen, the mare is well and has a regular cycle but Bryonie convinced me to wait until next season (04) to put her in foal as it is easier on foal & mother if she foals in spring as opposed to summer, especially if it is a dry year.......I will just have to be patient.
This is our first venture into horse breeding but I can feel it becoming an addiction already.....

.......now I will just have to convince my husband to by more land, put in stables, a menage, new float.......