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23-02-04, 07:57 AM
anyone know how to serve a thoroughbred that constantly kicks out at my stallion, she just doesnt want to be served, she plays along with him on the other side of the fence full on in season even to the point of mounting her and then whoof double barrels him every time.We have had her to the vet ultrasound, nothing wrong says she is cycling normal but will not let the stallion serve her, we even tried with our other stallion but same thing.She is a maiden mare. The vet sedated her to serve her, even then she fought the sedation and still kicked out at him, now he is getting very frustrated with her and trying to kick her back which is not like him. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

25-02-04, 06:52 AM
Many years ago I had a mare like this but she had trouble with her cycles. She would show in season for 14 days in a row but put up an almighty fight to be served every time. They found that she wasn't releasing the follicle. She was always difficult to serve even when cycling properly. It taught me a couple things, always check out that the mare is going through a normal cycle and that some mares are just very retalitory.

I think if you have her scanned and she is at her breeding peak I would try and sedate her and twitch her as well. You could try giving her a shot of lutylase to make her come on a really strong heat. One of my mares would never show to a stallion till she was given hormones.

Contact some of the big TB studs could give you a few hints as they deal with this all the time.

Otherwise GOOD LUCK!

26-02-04, 10:20 AM
Thank you very much Aby, i have sedated her and twitched her at the vets and they scanned her and she was at her peak but still put up a fight. She is a very nervous mare, I have got in touch with a couple of thoroughbred studs and they tell me to let her run with the stallion but i think she would end up going through the fence and she is too expensive to have her with injuries.

Thank you for your suggestion
much appreciated

05-03-04, 05:17 AM

can you leg rope her? or use breeding hobbles? along with the drugs?

There are the occasional mares that just won't do it, friend had one pony mare that they'd tried on numerous occassions with numermous breeders and she just wouldn't do it. IN the end they just decided on putting her back into riding.