View Full Version : heard of a WB mare, Stirling Anna

02-03-04, 06:10 AM
I am looking for info on this mare as I have one of her sons and would like some background info on Mum..Stirling Anna..
thank you in advance

29-03-04, 08:36 PM
Stirling ör Sterling was the prefix previously used by The N.S.W Equestrain Centre. U can try contacting Heath Ryan for more information as he is the only person still at the cetre since the days of sterling. Good luck with retrieving any info tho, the stud records there are in terrible disrepair, many have been lost, misplaced and unfortunatly, much info may be improvised...

30-03-04, 03:28 AM
I remember a mare called Annie a friend of mine owned her and she was by Monopol I believe. My friend bought her from the centre and I'm sure she carried the Stirling prefix...dunno, this could be her? She used her for breeding and sold her some years back now.
Do you have your horse's papers?

31-03-04, 02:22 AM

I am also looking for info on Sturling Luther and whether he is still at stud (in Aus or alive). I hope that you find out about the mare you are looking for info on!

All the best.


05-04-04, 05:18 PM
Luther is by Ludendorf imp Germany (Lukas/Elfit) out of I think Faleton By Falkland. Contact Dirk Dykstra at AEA Burong.

14-04-04, 02:14 PM
I believe she is at stud at "Silver Hills Farm". Their number is (02)4659 6231. Good luck!

25-04-04, 03:20 PM
Silver Hills have a mare (Silver Hills Ruby) who is out of this mare. I don't know if they own her. Try the AWHA website : http://www.awha.com.au

12-05-04, 05:25 AM
Hi Cookie -

I have a Salute mare here at Byalee out of Stirling Anna, in fact she is the mother of Byalee Magic. I have the breeding of Stirling Anna from Heath... it is as follows ...

Stirling Anna is by Ludendorf out of Pollyanna. You can find Louie's breeding in a million places but email me if you can't find it. Pollyanna is by Monopol out of Lake's Polly. Again, you can find Monopol's breeding easily but email me if you can't find it.
Lake's Polly was a NZ thoroughbred used as a polo pony, and she is by Dark Knight out of Hastings.

Silver Hills did have Stirling Anna at one point, Nicholas Doong bought her from the centre but obviously she has moved on!

My Salute mare out of Anna is one of my best broodmares, producing amazing foals, so good luck at getting some more ...