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09-03-04, 06:24 PM
approx how much would it cost to import a breeding horse from germany? from the uk?

does it cost less if it's a young one - say a weanling?

just curious.

16-03-04, 04:06 PM
Hi Splinter

If you contact IRT (Internation Racehorse Transport) based in Melbourne, they can give you an approximate cost of transporting a horse from those countries. We brought a horse in from NZ and it cost around the $5000.00 mark. Of course, there was no quarantine period or associated costs involved.

To bring one from Germany or UK there is a period of quarantine - which is lengthy and expensive. The cost of a young horse versus an older one makes no difference. They both occupy the same flight space and cost the same. Dont forget to add on the GST component too.

You get hit a double whammy on that one. We paid GST in NZ as well as in Australia. Same would apply for Germany and the UK as they are all GST based economies.

IRT will also put you in touch with Wallace Insurance, who can insure your horse in transit (another expense). It is a lengthy and expensive process, but having dealt with these Companies, I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them. Our horse received first class facilities and treatment the whole way and we were advised mid flight as to his progress.

I guess that is why imported stallions are rather on the exy side to breed to, but well worth it if they are of quality.

Best of luck in your endeavours.

17-03-04, 01:49 AM
Last time I looked it was around US12,000 to bring a horse in from either the States or Europe to NZ. Its probably about the same to Aust.
Re the GST in NZ, you should have been able to claim it back at the boarder, if the horse was sold to Aust, because it is an overseas sale it attracts no GST. Unless of course you competed the horse in NZ.

28-03-04, 05:20 PM
It is about 10,000 to Australia I was told by Guido Klatte. There is no tax if we export a horse that is a future breeding animal, the same should apply in your country. Also we are free of customs if we import a breeding animal from another country.

31-03-04, 04:42 PM
Gwen, is that Euros, or Aus $?

I was told by a breeder who imported 4 colts and several fillies, it costs approx $20,000 per horse from say Germany to Australia. The ones this person imported were all foals.

I don't know about Taxes etc?

31-03-04, 07:56 PM
I was just told it is 10000 Euro including the quarantine.

01-04-04, 02:13 PM
That's great Gwen, so if Mandy and I keep saving you can send us a 'blue eyed dream'!!!!!

02-04-04, 06:25 AM
IT costs about $30,000 AUD to hire a container, that has three bays. You would get three foals in the container. If you import larger horses ie most Adult WB actually use 1.5 bays, so you are up for around $20,000.

I think it gets trickier when you dont use the whole container, how much you pay depends on whether there is anyone else wanting to use the space.

To get the exact costs you would need to contact IRT directly.

02-04-04, 08:47 AM
My information is from Guido Klatte directly so it should be correct.

06-04-04, 04:03 PM
I regularly travelled with 3 horses to the US in one container. One time 2 x 17 hh stallions and a 16.1hh gelding. They had as much space as in a horse transport.