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16-03-04, 03:07 AM
Looking for an imported Trak stallion for next season for my mares. Are there any in Australia? There was Lutz but he died, and I am not aware of others who have their Classification with the Trak Verband or a Daughter Association.

16-03-04, 04:17 AM
Trak (imp) that stands at Jubilee stud in Victoria I am sure fits into this category. We have 4 by him (foal to 4 yo) & 1 back in foal to him. Details can be found in jumping sires link on THM web page.

or email me & Ill give you Ph numbers - frostynmoose@aol.com

16-03-04, 03:48 PM

There are a couple of Trak stallions standing at stud in Australia.

Korrit & Kaliber standing at Tally Ho Trakehners with Robin Smith (02 47219444) both stallions licensed with the Trak Verband in Germany

Falkensee standing at Wolffdene Warmblood Stud with Maggie Boyd (0755 464452) imported from Germany to NZ and then to Aust. Licensed with Trakehner Verband (performance tested) and NZ Trak Assoc.

Trackstein Sydney, Trackstein Monopoly & Trackstein Ferrari Testa Rosa standing at Trackstein Performance Horse stud with Gai McElhinney (0429306894. Not too sure who these horses are registered with and doubtful as to whether they are imported or approved with the Trakehner Verband.

Korrit & Kaliber are aged stallions now and I dont know if they are standing to the public anymore. Falkensee is standing to the public via live, chilled and frozen semen. These 3 stallions would be the only imported Trakehners in Australia.

There is a stallion called Trak, standing in Australia too, however, with investigations I've made to date, he is of Polish origin and not registered with the Trakehner Verband Stud book in Germany.

I have a registered mare, who was recently registered with the THAA (Trakehner Horse Assoc of Aust) in Qld. You can contact them via email at trakehner@powerup.com.au for more information.

17-03-04, 01:58 AM
I'm actually in NZ :) and looking for bloodlines to expand our base, who are mostly either Polarschnee mares (getting quite old now) or Falkensee mares.
Falkensee was Classified in Germany but has never done a performance test, and I can't remember him being ridden over here, but I have only been interested in Traks since 1998 so he may have been ridden earlier.
Trak from what I can find is not classified with the Verband or a Daughter Association.
I like Spiegels bloodlines but he isn't Classified Trakehner.
So it may be a case of trying to find a Korrit or Kaliber mare/s.
Is the Trakehner Association up and running again? Do you have an agreement with Germany yet? As that would be great!!! :D

17-03-04, 06:14 AM
Hi Cate - wow, its been a long time since I posted in this name. I was forwarded an email to have a look on here. I am the registrar of the Trakehner Horse Association of Australia in Qld. We have the association up and running, allbeit small but getting there. Currently we are awaiting advice from Janni Christiline in Germany from the Verband as to whether we will be relicensed here in Aust.

As you are in NZ maybe contact Wendy Beaven from RangeView Stud as Wendy has frozen semen from Induc there. After she sold Falkensee to my partner and I they imported semen to expand on their breeding line.

Our other bloodline here is our black Kassiber Stallion Wolffdene Feuerwinden, who has just undergone ACE classification and later this year AWHA classification. However, he wont be standing at stud till next year as he is working hard on his performance.

If it is mares you are after, contact Robin Smith as I know she has a big herd of mares well worth looking at. In Qld we are holding onto our mare herd as they are becoming as rare as hens teeth, due to lines being bred out to other warmblood types.

In regards to Speigel, what a beautiful horse. His performance background alone would more than substantiate his entry into the Verband Stud Book, and if we, as an association and his current owners wished to put him up for classification, I have no doubt he would make the grade. His pedigree is very highly prized as well.

Obtaining semen from excellent stallions is relatively easy (but costly) but finding a great mare is much harder. If all goes to plan next year, I hope to bring some quality mares in from Germany to have a pre-destined date with Falkensee and maybe Feuerwinden.

19-03-04, 04:54 AM
Hi Trak.
What is your email addy?

29-03-04, 01:16 PM
Hi Cate;

her email is the trakhener@powerup.com one

I too am interested in joining the assoc if it gets up and running; although i am primarily an anglo breeder. I noticed today that there is a small stud with some hohenstein lines in WA (go to cavelleti.com horse sales site and follow links)

WE definately need some new blood into AUST traks!!

(ps with movement!)


29-03-04, 01:17 PM
me again

ps don't click on that link i spelt is wrong :(

use the one maggie wrote
gave myself a slap!


14-04-04, 02:26 PM
Kaliber has passed away but has left an excellent son in "Tallyho Mandrake" who is currently standing at Singleton (check out the cyberhorse stallion listings for him). I have a stunning 2 year old filly by him. I will be looking for another trakehner (preferably black) to breed to her later on. Anybody help me here?

Also what is happening with the TBAA? I want to register the filly as a trakehner and have contacted them several times with no results.

16-04-04, 10:24 AM

I dont know what the TBAA are doing - I dont think they are functioning again HOWEVER, the THAA (Trakehner Horse Association of Australia) is very much alive and operating in Qld.

If you wish to have a horse registered with us and hopefully put up for our first official classification in 2005 contact me on
trakehner@powerup.com.au or ph 0755 464452. My name is Maggie Boyd and I am the registrar here.

Also, as you have Trakehners and if they are out competing please forward me information and pics of them so I can incorporate them in a newsletter I am trying to push out by the end of April.

Anyone else wishing to be on the mail out list please forward me your details and addresses so I can get to it.

Anyone with a horse that is Trakehner or or Trakehner origin, we would dearly love to hear from you also.

Kindest Regards
Maggie Boyd

19-04-04, 08:09 AM
Hi there We have just brought in some Feuertanzer semen from the USA he is a martini son and classified with the verband,, should any one be interested in purchasing some semen on a per dose rate you could contact me woodfieldpark69@hotmail.com
he will only be available trough us australasia wide!

20-04-04, 07:20 AM
I was told that Feuertanzer failed his classification because he was injured and did not pass his performance testing. If you look at the ATA (American Trakehner Association) website his status is pending.

The owners are advertising his semen for free in the US if you pay the shipping cost because they want to get some stock on the ground.

He is a lovely stallion, it would be a shame if he is not approved for breeding. We would use him ourselves if he was.

20-04-04, 10:19 AM
There is a stallion standing on the east coast of Australia called Fred Astaire, he is licensed with the Trakehner Verband. Contact email is fred@bpstud.com.au.


trak fan
20-04-04, 04:35 PM
Does anybody know if "Nordstern" (standing at Oberon, NSW) is registered/ licenced? I'm not sure, but I think he has a lot of TB blood.

There is also a son of Kassiber who is out of a TB who is standing at stud on the NSW south coast. I can't remmber the name but he is a flashy chestnut who used to showjump.

I hope this helps

20-04-04, 11:13 PM
Feuertaenzer is classified with the ATA, but no longer approved with them, as he has not completed preformance requirements. Should he complete the performance requirements his approval will be reinstated. I understand the NZ daughter Association will accept him as a Studbook stallion, and register the progeny.
The problem with getting semen over even if it is free, is that there are quite considerable costs in quarantineing him for collection and processing the collection, and with the US market to service he is unlikely to go to quarantine.

21-04-04, 08:11 AM
Anyone know of a Kassiber stallion son called "Raise the flag" (NSW I think)?
If so any info/pics/prodgeny/contact details would be fantastic. I have a mare by him that is about to go under saddle.


22-04-04, 04:44 AM
Range View Nordstern carries only 25% TB blood, he is by Falkensee (imp Germany) and out of a Polarschnee x TB daughter. Sadly he is too related for the NZ trakehner breeders to use, but wonderful for Australian breeders as he is not related to most of the lines. Feuertanzer's progeny will be eligible to be reg with the TBANZ if they are out of classified Principle Studbook, Studbook or Pre studbook mares, once his documentation has been received.

25-04-04, 04:44 PM
There is "Speratus" who is standing at "DKB Trakehners" in WA. He is licened with the trakehner verband in Germany and ISSA. The stud's contacts are:

Website http://www.cavalleti.com.au and follow the links
Phone : (08) 9575 2274
email : bolsenbroek@bigpond.com

25-04-04, 04:47 PM
whoops, that website should be :



14-06-04, 05:25 AM
I have the imported Trakehner stallion Tallyho Mandrake standing at stud this coming season. He will be advertised on Cyberhorse again soon.

14-06-04, 05:12 PM
I have a rising three year old by Tallyho Mandrake. She's a stunner and I wouldn't hesitate to reccommend him to anybody. I just wish I could afford to breed to him again.

16-06-04, 01:01 AM
How can you promote Tallyho Mandrake as imported when "WAZMAN" stated that he is home bred by the imported horse Kaliber. Please enlighten me!

16-06-04, 02:31 AM
my error, what i should have put is all imported bloodlines both his sire and dam were imported Trakehners. Thankyou for highlighting that

30-06-04, 03:39 PM

I've emailed you some photos of my Mandrake filly, I hope you like her

02-07-04, 10:00 AM
Got the pics thanks and what a stunner she is, i certainly would be very proud if i owned her!

05-08-04, 01:41 PM

Did you find what you were looking for "Trak stallion for next season"?

10-08-04, 01:39 AM
I'm using Feuertänzer. :) But would have liked a backup stallion who I could get chilled semen from, incase the mare didn't settle with frozen.
I am still tempted by Speigel, even though I wont get the foal registered Trakehner with him (as he hasn't been classified Trakehner) as I love the Kassiber bloodlines.

10-08-04, 10:54 AM
Cate! We are using the same! I have bought spiegel semen (froz) and am planning on getting feuer semen too!

Just a hassle getting it into Aus!

16-11-05, 08:33 AM
I have read through everyones reply's and have not found anyone mentioning "Cornelius" he is a outstanding trakehner stallion in Western Australia. I have had three from this stallion and think there the bees knees!

He stands at Alexander Park Trakehners.

16-11-05, 09:01 AM
There are 2 new ones advertised in WA newspaper.

1)T.L. Vincenzo. Trak WB, sire Valuta,exc conf, move, temp. 1st season at stud. Limited to app. mares Phone Jill: 0417 099 242

And Also a NEW IMPORT!
2)Primrose Court Trakehner Stud. Super opportunity to use recently imported stallion "Highfield's Vivaldi", 16hh Trak (UK) Superb comp record in UK and WA, producer of winners in showing, eventers & dressage absolutey 100% temp. limited book Phone: 08 9250 2715

17-11-05, 10:51 AM

My Falkensee foal!!!!

Sophie (Celestial Waltz of Shahbria) at 5 weeks!

18-11-05, 11:27 AM
does anyone know about the trackstien stallions??

i would love to put a trak over my TB mare, im in the hunter valley of NSW so need something close, can anyone help??

27-11-05, 12:04 PM
I have a young TrakxTB by Alberich who is imported from Germany . He did stand at the APH stud but is not there now , I believe he may have moved north but am not sure where? My boy is very "pretty" , has a lovely trot and can do a great "passage" on the lunge LOL. I'm not sure how he will turn out yet , but Carolyn Hendly rode one in the young horse class at the CDI and came 3rd I think :-)

28-02-06, 06:43 AM
Do Australian trakhener asociations allow rego of pinto trachs?

01-03-06, 05:20 PM
I don't think Cornelius is classified because his mare line is questionable (he's nice tho'). I'm still on the hunt for some really good, sane, good moving trak blood to put into my program. My contacts tell me that Hohenstein frozen isn't good (some of the comments were really funny but could get me in trouble). The two traks I really like are Tambour and Best Before Midnight (by Sir Schostacovitch). Is anyone planning to import Trak semen this coming season?

02-03-06, 12:37 AM
Yes..I am planning on importing semen from two of the pinto track stallions in Germany.I would like to know if overseas tracks are registered tracks, are they autonatically eligible to be registered here..even if pinto?


03-03-06, 03:32 PM
Belambi, I've PM'd you.

04-03-06, 04:33 AM
A group of us visit www.trakehner.com.au there is a forum there which you may find useful. We have applied for a verband license but still awaiting reply from Ger. I have looked at Kasparow semen, but too costly for me to do by myself. NZ breeders successfully used Feuertanzer last season with some great foals.

10-03-06, 01:47 AM
Try www.australian.trakehner.com.au under Studbooks to find out if your pinto qualifies for Trak registration. Colour is not considered.


11-03-06, 06:37 PM
Cate - can you e-mail me please.

11-04-06, 12:51 PM
I have heard that many Trakehner's have quite a bit of French Anglo Arab breeding in them. I am interested in finding a Trakehner stallion to use to breed Arabian Warmbloods. Does any one know of a registered stallion with Anglo in its breeding?

12-04-06, 03:38 AM
Hi, I am a first time user on CH but a long time reader.

I have one imported Trakehner stallion who passed all performance testing in Germany. Korrit, my motherinlaw also imported Kaliber but he has since passed away. We also have Tally Ho Kahlua and Tally Ho Mandrake who are both purebred sons of Kaliber and Tally Ho Total Eclipse who is a purebred son of Korrit together with Tally Ho Jupiter. Kahlua and Mandrake are both ACE classified and register. Eclipse is only 20mths old and has obviously not yet been classified.

12-04-06, 11:13 AM
What is the breeding on Tally Ho Total Eclipse? Is he arabian warmblood registered as well? I've heard of the other stallions & have the Tally Ho website bookmarked, but have never seen or heard of this horse before.

Any more info would be great as I am a big fan of trakehners.

Thank you very much

PS : Anybody have any info about Fred Astaire, is he still alive?

13-04-06, 12:52 AM
Hi Cades

This is my new baby (a very proud mummy I am!) He is only 18 months old and he is foal registered with ACE and will in time be classified but that won't happen until he is three. He will be Arabian W/blood registered also he is elligable through his mothers line. He is by our imported stallion Korrit out of Tally Ho Midori (by Kaliber out of a Kassiber mare). He is quite big and should mature about 16.3hh, he is black with three socks and a star and a snip. If you have our website bookmarked their is a photo of him in the forsale page right at the bottom in the right hand corner. This was before he was even weaned but it gives you a bit of an idea of what he is like. However if you are interested in Arabian Warmblood breeding Kahlua would be an exciting stallion to try. We have his first lot of foals just being broken in and are very very happy with what he can produce. Added to which he has the best temperment of any stallion we know (quite freaky really). If you are interested in any of them please PM me with your email address and I could send you some updated pics or a video. We have just recently moved to a brand new property in the Southern Highlands and my motherinlaw has moved to Taree but we will have Kahlua and possible Eclipse (to very very limited mares due to his age) at a introductary rate of $1250.00 for Kahlua and $1000.00 for Eclipse instead of $1650.00 for this coming season.

13-04-06, 12:54 AM
Kahlua is also Arabian registed also

14-04-06, 10:57 AM
I dont know about French Arab, serously doubt it, they certainly are based on Shagya arab though these were highly prized by the Trakehner breeders and performance tested just like the trakehenrs are prior to breeding.

Tallyho Mandrake is registered Arabain Warmblood, both his sire and dam carry % of arabian in their bloodlines. His progeny are eligable for arabian warmblood registration.

19-04-06, 01:38 AM
Also, our Trajkehner stallion Aparee is a registered Arabian Warmblood.

He is by the imported stallion Benito out of the imported mare Ariadne. Photos at www.trakehner.com.au