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18-03-04, 08:19 AM
PLEASE HELP ! IS it too late to mate?I just got a new stallion on the property and my mare saw him and came into season straght away. Can I mate them now or would I have to wait until spring. He's pacing the fence line and she stares at him with cow eyes.HELP

18-03-04, 10:49 AM
I certainly would not breed a mare at this time of the year, we begin breeding mares after the beginning of September and finish breeding at the very end of December. It depends too on where you live etc, where we live it rains heavily in the first three months of the year and I could think of nothing worse than a tiny newborn being subject to that!
If you bred your mare now, she will foal in February 2005. The summer time too can be very difficult for tiny foals.
Think about it before going ahead, don't be concerned if he paces the fence, that won't last long!!! Your situation will dictate what you decide to do really.

19-03-04, 05:47 AM
Thanks appylover for your advice I really do appreciate it very much, there's not that much readily available information on dates to breed mares.Thanks again

20-03-04, 08:22 AM
Hi Dee,

I just read your post. I have recently bred my mare and she is now 14 days pregnant. I didn't believe that it was too late for me to breed my mare, however it really depends on your circumstances.

If you are breeding for racing yes it is definately better to wait until next season. If you are planning to show you foal then you may also be better to wait as your foal will be completing in its age classes against more mature horses of the same age who were born earlier in the season. However if it is a total stunner then it may win anyway.

It will also depend on your weather. I live in a climate which is quite dry all year around. It does get quite hot in summer, however this particular mare loves standing in her shelter in the day so the foal will hopefully learn to go in with her. It will be a Feb foal so it won't be weaned until July (all going well). The mare is stabled at night through winter and the foal will be also.

I agree with appylover is you living in a yucky weather area (I love 30 degree days!!!). You also need to consider your feeding as the spring grass has a much higher nutritional value than winter grass. But again my mare is a comp horse so has always been hard fed.

Overall it really depends on your time, feed, weather and money constraints. It is not too late to bred in terms of your mare becoming pregnant and having a healthy foal.

Best of luck with whatever you chose!!!

24-03-04, 03:29 AM
My stallion's mother was born on March 17, meaning she was the result of an April mating. I personally don't like mine to be born later than December, but that is probably a result of my TB industry training.

I have a foal at the moment who was born on 9/1/04, and as a result he will not be weaned until June. This means he will miss the foal show as he will still be on the mare. It also means that his mother will have to feed him through the dry, cold autumn.

If you plan to breed your mare year after year I would wait until next season. Otherwise her next foal will be even later and you will have the same dilemma again. Breed her early next season and you will have no problems breeding her the following year with a foal at foot.

21-04-04, 02:37 AM
It really comes down to when you want the mare to foal and the weather conditions and if you want the stallion serving this time of year as well as any future years. The mare's conception rate is better during spring. I would not mate just because they look like they are in love. What are your plans with the stallion, are you going to do anything with him or is he solely for breeding?