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01-04-04, 03:17 PM
Hi everyone. I am posting this message in the hope that anyone, anywhere in Australia - particularly in the south east corner of Qld can help.

Recently a very dear friend of mine who used to work at a large local stud was offered a job in Denmark (western australia - near Albany) by the man who purchased all the horses as Belcam prior to their auction. She was offered what seemed like the job of a lifetime with all the trappings. She moved everything over there ( paid for by her new employee) including 2 pregnant brood mares.

Five weeks later, this 'man' has been charged with fraud over an $8 million financing deal involving the Commonwealth Bank. He is a high-profile corporate lawyer and racing team boss named Rohan Skea.

The sole reason for this posting is now my dearest friend is basically stranded in Denmark, along with her 2 young children, husband, dogs and 2 horses. Everything this man was involved in has been put into 'lock down' receivership, which means she doesnt get paid and has to be off the property she was managing for him, within 4 weeks.

Today she sold her horse float and her husbands boat to gather together funds to afford removal of her furniture back to Queensland. However, she cannot afford to pay $3000 to move her two mares. Her only alternative is to either try to sell them (in a non horsey area which is isolated) or to have them put down. This would be a tragedy as both are well bred quarterhorse mares in foal.

Friends around here have gathered together and put a hat around to help her get the mares home to Qld. If ANYONE OUT THERE can make a DONATION of ANY AMOUNT towards this fund it would be most gratefully accepted. PLEASE, I know times are tough for alot of people but if you can help please contact me personally on 0402 339 460 or email me on trakehner@powerup.com.au urgently.

It is good to be having Eleanor coming back to Qld, but not this way. She totally loves her horses and is a very skilled AI technician, and it is tragic that she has been so terribly caught up in someone else's bad financial dealings. My heart goes out to her in a big way. I also feel very sorry for Belcam Stud who is left holding the agistment bill for all the horses that are now also in lock down at their facilities. I think it will be a long long time until anyone sees any of their money.

My Friend needs our help. PLEASE PLEASE see if you can help me to help her.
Kindest Regards
Maggie Boyd