View Full Version : i need help aboout a colt

Shyann jamieson
03-04-04, 11:07 AM
i purchased a colt form WA 7 months ago and he is only 17 moths of age .
i noticed today in the paddock that he has not dropped his testicles but the breeder said that he had two in the sack when he left her place.
can the testicles go back up ?
will be able to use for stud?
he acts like a gelding around the mares and the other geldings.
is this normal?
i had the vet out and he said that he could not feel them and if he did not know better he was a gelding so i rang the breeder and she said that she never gelded him.
so what should i do?

04-04-04, 03:46 PM
Please don't lose hope.
I have a late yearling colt that seemed not to have dropped one teticle. I panicked as this colt is rather special and we wanted to keep him entire.
Apon doing alot of research, including having my vet out to evaluate him, we came up with an idea to put him on a course of HCG for 6 weeks to hopefully help the retained testicle down.
As I said I did exhaustive research into this condition before coming to this conclusion.
To cut a long story short, I wasn't happy with the initial vet exam so I got my vet to do another. This time however we knocked the colt out and rolled him on his back. Low and behold there was the missing testicle.
It turns out that my colt holds his testicles very high and this one was sitting just above the scrotum.
In the first vet exam my vet manually palped my colt, no sedation, and said that even though he put his finger up through both rings he couldn't even feel the tail.
So my point here is there still may be hope for your boy.
Do lots of research and go outside the box to do all you can before making a rash decision.
Hope this helps.