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03-04-04, 03:50 PM
I just received my ACE classification results today and wow, totally blown away, so I just have to have a little brag.

My beautiful filly Wolffdene Callidus has been grade TOP YEARLING FILLY! I always knew she was special, breathtakingly good looking and movement that rocks, but it was her personality that just spell bounds. She is simply decadant. Mahogany bay with 4 white socks and a star - pretty as and now judged to be a star. After considering selling her for so long, but not really pushing the issue, Im glad I didnt. She will stay with me till under saddle now. She is by Cantango out of Tallyho Crystal (Kaliber - Trakehner)

My beautiful black colt, Wolffdene Feuerwinden was placed 4th overall and graded as a licensed stallion. WOOHOO. He hasnt been under saddle long and is currently being riden by a very competant young rider. Tomrrow he has his second outing doing Prelim at Kooralbyn. Fingers crossed. His jumping ability is sensational and he seems to love the higher and more technical jumps. Movement was graded high with ACE and this is showing in his dressage tests. He is a real cool cat when out, people are amazed he is so well behaved and dont often realise he is a stallion till they see the anatomy!

Our first colt, Wolffdene Froebel, by Falkensee (Imp. Trakehner) out of Feuerosa (Konigsberg) was placed 16th in the top 30 - not bad considering this little fellow was only 4 months old.

I am so proud of my babies. Cannot wait till this seasons foals start arriving - definately praying for some fillies this season though. I recently purchased a divine mare called Neversfelde Finesse, who has a sensational pedigree (by Heidleberg out of N. Freya -Konigsberg & Copernicus). She is in foal to Falkensee and that is going to me a genetic background & pedigree from heaven.

Next ambition is to sell our current property and buy a larger one in Tasmania. That way I can keep all my babies until they are around 3 years of age and under saddle.

Anyone else out there got a need for a brag?

04-04-04, 08:37 AM
well done!!

Well i guess after taking theo out for a walk along the road for the first time since he's been up here in hell, oh sorry (slip of the tongue) bilo, and he was such an angel this morning!!

PS- well done with the eleanor drama!


B - who might see you yet FRIDAY IS SCHOOL HOLS!!!

04-04-04, 01:56 PM
Congratulations - that is a huge achievement. Your breeding plan is definitely on track. Where did you get your results. I am still waiting on mine.

04-04-04, 02:25 PM
Congrats Trak

I would be proud of the babies too!!!

will get all the goss on monday night


04-04-04, 03:50 PM
Hi Em - yep, I'll be there monday night - seems like we are postponing our trip to Tasmania until Wed now as, damn it, we cant get our 4wd on the ship till then. Oh well, it gives me a few more days to get totally organised and the house cleaned (despite the childrens best effort to trash what I clean). Maybe I should gaff tape them to the post & rail fencing (*Joke) :) and leave them behind.

Integrity, how many days do you have off after easter in Brissie? We will definately have to try to catch up and have a decent glass of wine. I know Eleanor is so desperately looking forward to getting back to Qld and she is reserving a bottle of my best red to down with a straw...lol. I am hunting down a scanning machine for her (as a surprise) so that we can help her get back on her feet to be able to do AI around this region again. Who know's, if we dont sell this property I might try to build a Laboratory here for her to work from. My black colt was muchly admired at Kooralbyn today. Some people expressed interest at sending mares to him, however, I told them not this season - he is too young and he needs his mind on his career at this point. Your going to have to email me your mobile number again. Hubby put my sim card into a new phone ( as the old one continues to rapidly die) but I dont know how to work the damn thing. All the buttons are in the wrong place and I usually end up turning it off, when I try to answer (jeeze...I must have been blonde in my previous life).

To the other enquiry about ACE, you should be getting a newsletter in the mail soon with all the results in it. Mine has pride of place on my wall right now. Im just so very happy my babies did so well.

05-04-04, 06:19 AM
my mobile 0410 485 039

Am hoping to be done from Good friday till the following tues... should be more than enough time with the folks ;) Robyn has also expressed interest in our vino session; perhaps we could co-ordinate that SEQ breeders social idea????

Tell Eleanor to come up here; no competition!! lol.... Will have to work out how to properly shoe own ponies I think, already got the teeth mostly figured out; when no-one else is around ingenuity is essential!!

Ok well back to school work ... really spend WAY too much time on net instead of marking :(


05-04-04, 11:40 AM
Thanks for the mobile no. Im getting hubby to put it into the new phone, fingers crossed this technologically challenged old chick can work the damn thing out.

Are you talking about the tues after easter or the one after that?? We've had to postpone the trip to Tassie by 3-4 days. Still working on the movement of Eleanors horses and also, we cannot get our 4wd on the ship until good friday ( talk about a ripe balls up)

The Black stallion did really well at Kooralbyn today. He absolutely loved the cross country course. He was worn out by the end of it, but Laura pushed him and he rose to the challenge each time. She was stoked and so very happy with his overall performance. Even Guy Crighton came up and admired him several times and then asked who owned him and what breed he was - so he turned heads. He is resting tonight, legs have been iced and now he is enjoying tucking into food. We are looking forward to going to Warick, are you going at all?

Anyway gal, if your not staying the extra week after easter we will definately have to organise some time for a wine session soon after that. You know your welcome here anytime. Have a great easter, be good ( notice I didnt say behave...lol) and speak to you soon

05-04-04, 12:15 PM
Will be down from this fri to the tues/wed after. updated website though some pics not great quality. Put up pic of new blk TB mare and other anglo as well as some rellies...

here it is if you want a squiz:


good to hear about the blk boy; he sounds like he deserved his dinner!

cya soon :P

06-04-04, 01:37 AM
Hi Integrity
Your new girl looks lovely, she can visit Falkie anyday your ready! I think you've done well with purchasing her.

I'll give you a bell in regards to the exact date I will be back so we can try to get together for drinkypoos! So you have a great easter and try not to indulge in too much chocolate. This is the best time of year for me cause I HATE chocolate, but the choccy eggs I get come in handy for bribery and corruption with the children. Naturally they scoff all theirs rather rapidly, and knowing their mum doesnt eat chocolate - come crawling and promising the world! You will learn this technique works with students too as you get further along the teaching chain....lol

Hey, I forgot to tell you. I did the Dept of Education interview thing again for a lecturing position. Before the interview started they informed me that I jumped the short list and was one of 2 candidates for the position. Knowing that, my tongue immediately stuck to the top of my mouth and both feet went in there two...rotflmao. I cannot believe how I messed up such basic interview questions....Oh well, its a 50/50 chance...lol....if I get it, then the other candidate must have sounded like a ripe nutter cause I wasnt far off the mark that day. I suppose it didnt help being stung by a wasp during the interview either. They were shocked it happened in their board room, but I saw the funny side of it - maybe an omen of sorts!

06-04-04, 04:04 AM
Have just received my results as well. My lovely mare received 4th in best mare assessed on tour and her lovely colt foal who was barely 5 weeks old receive 8th in colt foal. Proud as punch to say the least and she is in foal again to Bjorsells Briar the lovely black liver Swedish stallion so we shall see.

06-04-04, 12:24 PM
Congratulations to you also on the success of your mare and foal. This kind of thing makes it all worth while doesn't it?!

This is exactly why we are looking at relocating to a larger property so that we can keep all our young stock until much older and preferably going under saddle. It annoys be big time when people come and look at foals, knowing their breeding and pedigrees are excellent and then try to knock you down in price because they are young stock.

I honestly dont think they take into account the service fee, the feeding and vet-care of the mare and then the raising of the foal to the point of independance and beyond. I've let some young stock go before at rediculous prices before, but never again. I know I have good ones and now am quite content to hold onto them until I find the right person for them at the prices they are worth.

Getting a horse, regardless of age from a 'horse factory' seems to be the 'in thing' however, I personally feel that smaller breeders put more time and effort on a continual basis and as a result the horses are much better - especially in the handling & care department. Controversial thought I know, but my opinion anyway.

Recently I purchased a 'package' deal of horses (3)and sold one off rather quickly as I basically wanted only the mare and not the other 2. The one sold went to a good home, the mare I retained and her other foal - well at that time was a complete nasty little piece of work. In the past few weeks I have made amazing inroads with this little filly to the point where now she seeks me out and loves being smooched and pampered. Believe me, this is a huge difference to the filly that would originally try to bite your face off without warning.

She too is well bred and very good looking and now she will stay with me until under saddle. She too performed brilliantly for ACE classification and scored well. Apart from her initial lack of handling, she is now making fantasic progress.

I hope you can keep your babies long enough to see them to the saddle stage. Once again, congratulations on your successes.

robyn cotter
17-09-04, 01:40 PM
Hi - am very interested in how easily/otherwise your mare went into foal with Briar... how many cycles did she take... I want to put mine into foal this year with him... a little worried about the cost with no guarantees... by the way - when is your baby due? love to hear your brags when he/she is born...

18-09-04, 05:17 AM
Hi Robyn - with respect to Briar first insemination did not take - the vet let her go naturally as her follicle was very good - second insemination was controlled by drugs and she conceived however 45 day test showed that she had absorbed it. The semen was very good from memory 75% motility - but just one of those things - mother nature. We have purchased 2 more doses but that will be it. We have also purchased Sunny Boy (Sandro Hit/Donnerhall) for for my other beautiful Belcam filly (rising 3) who will be my riding horse after this intended foal. Both will be inseminated prob Mid Oct. Will keep you posted. Just one foal this year due in 2 weeks lovely thoroughbred mare in foal to the fabulous Belcam Capone.