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06-04-04, 10:06 AM
I own an imported German Dressage Pony sire by Multi European Dressage champions Dressman (current title holder in all over Europe). He is standing successfully at stud in NZ and his first progeny are doing very well. I am thinking of offering frozen semen from him this upcoming season to Australia and wonder if there is interest in this kind of breed. In NZ, the interest in dressage and showjumping ponies is high, but is it the same in Australia?

He is not bred to be a show pony, he is a small warmblood type standing at 14.1 1/2 hh. I've been told there are many show pony studs in Australia, but not many people are interested in performance ponies. Is this true?

06-04-04, 12:49 PM
I would be very interested to hear more about your stallion, what type of mare would you use with him? And you are right there are a lot of pony studs here, and we do need performance ponies, as there are a lot of adults that would prefer to ride a smaller horse. could you supply your email as I would like to chat more about this.

06-04-04, 11:27 PM

He's been bred to riding ponies, Welsh, Arabians, TBs mainly. His oldest progeny from outside mares are only rising four. Two of his offspring are already very successful at ridden shows. Most dressage/performance pony breeders don't show their youngstock in hand. They wait until they are under saddle as showing and performance seems to be very much divided here in NZ.

He is registered with the Pony Breeders Society as well as the first pony sire to be registered in the NZ Warmblood Society under the Warmblood type pony section.

Davidoff has his own website: www.horsetalk.co.nz/westfaliastud. Contact for frozen semen inquiries is: h.brandt@xtra.co.nz.

He will go to the Equine Fertility Centre the week after Easter to collect the semen for freezing. We've successfully send chilled semen throughout New Zealand, but it's a new venture with the frozen semen. He will be advertised in the Australian Horsetrader in the Stallion issue as well.

08-04-04, 07:28 AM

You may be interested to know that Australia is in the process of setting up a 'Austrlian Sports Pony Register'. Their email is aspr@iinet.net.au. I think there are very few stallions currently registered with this group, so it may be worth getting in touch with them.

They are not interested in showing, only olympic disiplines.

One of the current reasons that I am thinking of selling my pony mare is due to the EFA pony dressage rules. Currently for ponies to compete in official EFA dressage they must be ridden by a rider under 16 years old. Unfortunately when I brought her I was unaware of that ruling (should have done my homework, I thought pony dressage would be based on the size of the horse). My other two dressage horses which I complete in official comps are 16.3hh & 17.2hh. As I and these two fellas are getting older and my bones are less inclined to ride tall youngseters I decided to buy my little mare who has huge movement. In many ways she is more challenging to ride than my big boys. The current EFA dresage ruling may put some adults off breeding 'preformance ponies' for themselves as they are unable to compete them in official comps.

All the best with your stallion!


08-04-04, 08:47 AM
Hi BC,

You may be interested to know some comps hold open pony dressage with rider of any age - recently there was one at Werribee. You may be in one of the western states, but in Vic (I'm an adult) I would be able to ride pony dressage.

I think with the greater exposure, more classes will be instigated. I think it's similar to the situation in the western states (i may not be completely correct here) about riders of ponies in showing classes cannot be older than 16. In Victoria, they can be.

I think because "pony" is a fairly broad term (up to 14.2hh in the EFA's books) they will instigate Open Pony Dressage if there is enough call for it.


Lisa Wright
10-04-04, 12:55 PM
I have a skyhigh grandaughter she is a pony (buckskin). I an interested in putting her in foal. I was looking at pony on page 10 of horse deals April.

14-04-04, 09:15 AM
Oh thanks for letting me know. I will write to them.

Thanks again.

28-04-04, 12:21 AM
I can vouch for Heike's pony stallion, we bred our 13.3hh RP mare to him, she was a 20 yr old maiden who had performed well over her career. This is the filly she produced, photo taken at 2 months old. (I hope it works!) We are delighted with this filly, she has superb movement, character and conformation.

sorry photo didn't work....