08-04-04, 09:11 AM
Hi everyone,

I am really desperate in finishing off the last of my pony research on my ponie's papers and breeding/history. She is currently in foal (due November/December) and I am hoping to register her part Welsh and maybe Riding Pony and part Arabian/ Arabian Pony. i am desperatly seeking her breeder as I can not register without knowing him/her and she/he may also be able to help with breeding. I believe that it is possible that the breeder was Kerri Hanson, originally from Toolern Vale but has since moved away and I can not find her!!! I think her mother was Shirly Hanson?? She registered my mare's dam with the EFA but they didn't have much information for me, though they did give me my ponie's dam's parent's and that was a great help!! I would also love to find any owners and anything about the horses in her pedigree and also she has a half sister somewhere named EMMA, who is ASSPA reg. but I don't know her reg. name.

OK, my mare's name is "Willawick Celebrity" and she is a gorgeous, unbranded 13hh liver chestnut mare, 12 years old, going on 13 (born 1990). Her sire was the Keston Royal Occasion(imp dec) and Sir Percy of Paxhall (imp dec) stallion Mirinda Celebration (I have lots of information about her sire's family, though if anybody has the Welsh StudBook/Yearbook that has a pic of Celebration in it-1980 I think it was- I would love a copy of it!!). Celebrity's dam was the EFA registered Windermere (this is how the EFA spelt it) Figurine, who's dam was Highlea Park Sherry, By the Australian Pony Mighty Fine, and her sire was Highlea Park Crown Royal, by Arabian Wellworth Crown Royal. I am would really, really love to know where Figurine is, or was, she was born 1st July 1979, so would be 25years, so any past owners please please contact me. I do think that Rod Skidmore of Rochester (he breeds Welshies) owned her at one stage. Figurine was liver chestnut with two back socks and a W brand on her shoulder (sorry can't remember which one-I'm thinking left?). she had no facial white, either does my mare. I am led to believe that she (as well as the Highlea horse which I also need info on, they are out of the same mare) have a connection to a "Windermere(could be Windamere, Windemere) Stud, which bred Arabians, supposedly dispersed and was changed to J'Ordan Stud ??? PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME. I would really appreciate it
kind regards and many thanks, please email me at celebrity_127@yahoo.com or maxy127@hotmail.com

Brooke Purcell :)

08-04-04, 10:57 PM
hi brooke
i am in a yahoo group that talks about welsh horses with breeders and will pass on info for you will let you know what i get soon.