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12-04-04, 02:25 AM
I am considering buying a TB mare as a broodmare. The owner said that she was dual registered as Hannovarian.

What does this mean? How difficult is it to get this classification? I assume it's just for breeding purposes. But what happens if I want to show her? What classes are we eligible for? What sort of registration can her foals have if bred to a)A thoroughbred b)a warmblood or c)a tb/wb x. Does the dual registration increase her value as a broodmare?

If someone could explain this to me in detail, I would be very very greatful.

13-04-04, 12:30 PM
Poor neesha!! All these "knowledgeable breeders" on board and nobody is bothering to answer your questions!! Tsk tsk.

By "dual registered" I guess the owner is saying she is ASB (studbook) Thoroughbred as well as being classified and approved Hanoverian. Yes, it's not that easy for you to have your mare classified for the Hanoverian society in Australia - there's a 70% pass mark, also you have to travel her miles as a rule to get to the classification venue. And as all things, it costs money.

However!! now you can breed your mare to a licensed Hanoverian stallion and produce a Hanoverian warmblood foal. You can compete with your Hanoverian warmblood foal in all warmblood classes in all shows. You may compete your mare in TB mare classes and also in warmblood shows as a TB broodmare, but not as a warmblood broodmare. They usually have classes for TB broodies. If you put her to a TB stallion, your resulting foal can compete in TB classes provided you get your AJC papers. It gets a bit complicated breeding Stud Book Thoroughbreds - the mare needs to be returned to the studbook every season whether she's served or not - and I don't think it's necessary to go into that here.

If you put her to a TB/WB cross horse then it's up to you to check on that stallion's credentials and status as a warmblood or otherwise stallion.

The fact that she's hanoverian classified may add a little bit to her value - but a lot of breeders wouldn't really care as long as she's TB studbook.

Hope this is a help. :-)

14-04-04, 03:25 PM
LOL ernie. I thought nobody would come 2 my rescue!

The stallion i'm using is registered with the Australian Warmblood Sport Horse Association (AWSHA) so i guess this excludes bub from Hannovarian registration?

What sort of rego can she get with the AWSHA stallion?