View Full Version : 12 too old for 1st foal?

30-04-04, 02:03 PM
I am thinking of putting my 12yo Tb mare in foal. Is it too old for her 1st foal- what could go wrong? I tried to put her in foal last season but the vet noticed a ovarian tumor the size of a melon, she had it and the ovary removed, no probs. I was just wondering if anyone else has ever had that happen to their mare and did they concieve and foal again? the vet seems to think it will be fine?

01-05-04, 06:04 AM
No 12 is absolutely not too old for a first foal. I know of many mares which have had their first foals at 14 & 16 without any problems due to their performance careers. However have your mare checked by a vet as some internal problems (reproductive confirmation) can become more of an issue with age which could make it harder for your mare to concieve and hold the foal. You can have a young mare with poor internal confirmation who you may be able tp get in foal, however with the aging process it can make quite a bit of difference (i have a mare like this).

All the best!

01-05-04, 09:35 AM
i dont think that 12yo is to old, my friend has a nare that had her first foal at 20yo with no problems and my 14yo mare has just had first foal again with no problems other than retaining the after birth.
good luck