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Mary Ann
05-05-04, 08:05 AM
Hi, I was told that Reprieved sired 7 horses and 5 of them were grand prix, dressage and jumping, and he sired this mare that I'm interested in buying. Who is Reprieved? TB/ Warmblood, does anyone know anything about him?

Mary Ann

06-05-04, 11:19 AM
He is a thoroughbred. The two dressage horses I know of sired by Reprieved was Victoria Ferguson's Gamekeeper and Roger Fitzhardinge's Be Serious.

09-05-04, 03:15 AM
Reprieved was by Wilkes (FR), a name that comes up often in very good performance thoroughbred lines; often through another son Vain.

Anni B
28-06-04, 07:18 AM
I believe Mary Hanna also had one, but I'm struggling with the name..... something "Pardon" or "Pardon" something. Can't quite remember, but she had a Repreived horse go to Grand Prix.

I have recently bought a 6 yo by Be Serious, and he is just lovely.

28-06-04, 12:18 PM
MA: would that happen to be the TB mare advertised in THM this month? Bay? 17hh; $2800???? I thought it had to be a typo, but maybe not? *repeating to self; you will NOT ring up, you will NOT ring up!!*

But she did look very nice!

11-07-04, 03:44 PM
Mary's horse was "Old Pardon". Beautiful horse (as were the others you've mentioned). Fantastic movers. I can remember some very influential and famous European trainers being amazed to discover that Old Pardon was Thoroughbred - they thought he was a warmblood! LOL.

14-07-04, 06:49 AM
A friend of mine is getting that mare of Vic Fergusons - Sweet
Justice, by Reprieved.
She is out of Very Bright, and one of the common denominators between
Gamekeeper and Be Serious is a horse called Very Droll I think, or something like that. This mare is going to need probably a live service or chilled semen. Any suggestions? Maybe an anglo? or a warmblood.


15-07-04, 10:39 AM
oohhh well done to them!! (turning slight shade of green now!)

If need live cover; i'd say talk to Paula HM of Deveron Stud she has two exceptional stallions there! My colt is not going to any outside mares this season or of course i'd recommend him ! lol!

Paula has a lovely colt called Di Caprio who has an awesome neck set!

24-09-04, 01:04 PM
I dont know who is was who said a friend of mine is getting Victoria Fergusons mare, Sweet Justice, but that is me, Victoria has just given her to me. Reprieved actually sired about 12 horses and 5 went Grand prix - Old Pardon owned by Mary Hanna, Gamekeeper owned by Vic Ferguson, Be Serious was another, and a showjumper called Blue Ring, I think Gavin Chester may have owned him. There is another one, I dont know it.
I have seen Sweet Justices foals, and they are absolutely awesome, although to look at her you wouldnt believe it. It just goes to show that bloodlines usually win out over type, and a mare doesnt have to be a good type to be a good producer, a lesson we often forget. Justice is incredibly ugly, with a dreadful head. She will only go in foal live service, which is a bit limiting. I just dont know how stallion owners will feel when presented with this beast of a mare. So any stallion owners out there, i will be wanting a service for Justice this season and I swear she will have a spectacular foal.
Please help! I am in Bowral NSW, and a stallion within driving distance would be great. Email - zoom2@ozemail.com.au