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05-05-04, 08:55 AM
I have a Wunder gelding who is out of a mare named Valiant Option. When I purchased him no-one could tell me what breeding she was. I have looked on the Australian Stud book site and there is no records there so Im thinking she maybe is'nt Tb. Does anyone have any ideas on how to find her breeding out? Someone told me there were a few percheron x's going around with the name Valiant. He really doesnt look like a percheron though. On my geldings AWHA birth cert Valiant Option has a no. 000 1040 What does that mean? She is by Hazard whom is by Sheshoon if that rings any bells.Thanks guys for your info on Wunder too!

05-05-04, 10:58 AM
Hi Sophie,
On the AWHA papers does it say the orgin of the breeding? You might want to contact the AWHA about this. www.awha.com.au I have just started helping them out and on the papers they have the orgin of the breeding, e.g. if its a gelding reg. AWHA in the wid section and its sire is a reg. warmblood and its dam is a stock horse, then it says the orgin is stock horse. Plus to be reg. in the first place they have to have 3 generations of proof breeding.

They might be able to help out.


05-05-04, 12:34 PM
Thanks Jacinta. Nowhere on the papers does it mention the breeding of the dam. There is three generations of breeding but it does not mention whether they are stock horse,warmblood or anything. If it helps my guy was bred by a Mrs M. Riggs of Anakie, Victoria. I have tried to source her but to no luck. I'll give the AWHA a ring in the morning, I have checked the web site but I couldnt find where I would find this info out. Also he is branded with a W on his near side hind 1/4's, do all of the AWHA reg horses have this?. Sorry for asking such a dumb question but no one seems to be able to answer that!!.:D

05-05-04, 10:01 PM
Not all AWHA horses have the W brand. You can choose to put it on if you wish. I have chosen not to put it on my fully studbook registered horses.