25-05-04, 08:48 AM
Just wondering if they do tend to have nice, placid temperaments?
I know they are not known for super movement, but generally would they make a nice ARC mount for lower level dressage?
Does anyone know of any breeders in SE QLD or Nth NSW?
All experiences / advice much appreciated.


25-05-04, 10:57 AM

I hunted a part bred percheron for years, he had a lovely kind temperament and was a super horse. He also had lovely movement - a bit of a conformational disaster - but a nice mover with a great temp. I eventually sold him to an elderly woman who enjoyed him for many years doing what you wish to do - ARC and low-level dressage, he was a super cross-bred horse.

Try using a search engine to help find links to sites that may help you. Good Luck.

26-05-04, 02:20 AM
It's a little bit far away, but Jackie Bouter of Hanover Park in WA has a part bred Percheron Stallion at stud who has produced some amazing dressage and eventing horses. Conformationally correct and the most superb temperament you could wish for. The stallion himself is like a big teddy bear.It may be worth contacting her to see if she has any for sale, or knows of someone closer to where you live that specialises in the breed.

27-05-04, 08:42 AM
thanks for the feedback, I have been looking for a genuinely quiet horse for a while now, and I think they are the way to go.

I just need to find one in my area, that is around the height, price & education level that I want!!

04-07-04, 11:34 AM
A very big YES they do have a nice, placid temperament.
When crossed with TBs they do have super regular movement - great walks and a trot that is very regular - the canter is great as well - don't know why more folk don't seek them out.
The first cross DO retain the nice, placid temperament.
In northern NSW there is Eleanor Russell at Urbanville ( near Kyogle ) who breds a fantastic cross of Perch x TB mares and then the female offspring have a French Anglo Arab called Victorieux put over them - they can really move - there are quite a few of them about NSW and Vic. She's been breeding this combination for about 10 - 15 years.
Give her a ring 02 66341274

06-07-04, 05:55 AM
I will never look back!!!!
My mare is a 1/4 perch 3/4 TB and she has the most reliable temperament, she is beautiful and is always mistaken for warmblood!!!

The movement is very regualar and safe and they have good balance, the only drawback is that they tend to be built on the forehand, and for dressage this can be a problem also I find with my mare is that she has a very small gullet, which means she won't be able to hold her self in a GP frame, I compete Novice/Elem and ths has been a problem, judges saying she too low in the head.

Who cares what the judges think, i know my mares capability!!! But for general riding horse, perfect. Trail riding is fun (I always ride in a halter on rides), and she has a lovely willing personality

10/10 for the percheron!!!!!!!

06-07-04, 01:16 PM
im looking for a heavey horse cross, if it be clydie, or cross, perchy or cross, im in the newcaslte area of NSW, i pretty much want a mare though, only thing ive ever had but there doesnt seem to be anything around.

i have a very limited budget though, if anyone knows of anyhting, or someone who may have something can you email me at tjstud @kooee.com.au without the space though

09-07-04, 02:23 PM

I hve to say that there is a theme running thru all the replys and it is so true, a Perchy Cross is a god send.

I had an unfortunate jumping accident 8 years ago, and really stuffed my leg (and pretty much ruined my confidence). After 7 mths on crutches and a year off a horse, I had another bad incident, where my horse died underneath me.

I had thought of chucking it in when I was lent a Perchy cross hunter called Ralph ( I then bought him). If not for that horse I don't think I would be riding today.

Ralph has been a clerk of the course horse, led in the winner of the Gary Owen, Led Mebourne Hunt Club through the city, done a tendon (then hunted a season after recovery),then competed in the Top Team trophy dressage at Werribee (an of course placed in his grade).

His temperament is outstanding, even when the excitement kicks in and he would really like to go silly, he is a gentleman.

In all honesty, I think generally the temperment of these horses is excellent, and like a prestige car....everyone should own one once in their lives.

Ralph is now around 25, retired in the paddock and I have been privelidged to own him. (he still thinks he owns the mares though!!)

so go get one !!!