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Lisa an Gypsie
13-06-04, 05:14 AM
Hi guys,

I have a maiden thoroughbred broodmare, she's 17hh now she's quite fit as she does a lot of walking and we go for trail rides every few days. She has been tested in foal (and confirmed twice) and is now 285 days along the problem is she hardly is showing at all, the mare down the road has three months to go and she's HUGE where mine only has a little belly and she's got two months to go. She's a very big mare with lots of room and she's fairly straight sided but now she looks just like a warmblood. My farrier said that because she is so big, she's a maiden and because she's fairly slab sided (isn't that a nice description) she will not show her pregnancy much at all, I was just wondering what you guys might think? oh and she is in good condition, you can't see the ribs but you can feel them and she's got a nice round rump....she gets fed twice a day with lucerne, breeda, oats and pollard ans grassy hay every night.

thanks heaps for your help
Lisa an Gypsie

13-06-04, 07:22 AM
being a maiden and a big mare she proabably wont show much till the last month, where the foal will drop down ready for foaling. Also she will pick at her feed whens shes nearer, not eat a full meal like she probably does now. Now when she gets within 2 weeks due, and her udder doesnt start to fill, then id worry. You sound like you feed enough, breeda is used by many studs. Good job :)

13-06-04, 10:24 AM
When was she last tested? There is always a chance that a mare may abort the pregnacy early on and you not notice any signs -such as small abnormal discharge - but hopfully later on you would have noticed anything wrong with the mare.
What were the test methods? -I ask, for example, because I know of a mare that was tested manually in foal and it turned out to be a tumor.

So if you are sure that the tests were accurate and she was in foal passed the first couple of dicey months, there is no reason to think that she is not now.
As others have said, she may not show a lot.
Stay optomistic!

Lisa an Gypsie
14-06-04, 12:18 AM
thanks guys, she was tested twice by blood and manually, she's been checked twice a day since she first went into foal and has had no abnormal discharge, she was tested at 60 days, 120 days and 150 days, so she's been well monitored. also another question she's been crossed with a grey, she's a chestnut...and there is mainly grey and chestnut in both their bloodlines, what is the probability of the foal being grey or chestnut? and what is the inheritability of my mare's big white stripe? thanks guys
Lisa and Gypsie

11-07-04, 01:03 PM
My TB mare had her first foal last season and at 9 months I was starting to doubt whether she was actually in foal. She foaled at 345days and had a filly who was a good size. She is 16hh and a fairly roomy mare.

As for colour, you have a 50% chance of the foal turning grey, as one parent is grey. To find out what other colours you might get you would need to know what colour the stallion was born. If he was born chestnut then your foal will be chestnut with a 50% chance of turning grey. The inheritance of white markings is not well understood, but is believed to be partly related to the environment in the womb. My TB mare has a small star and was bred to a grey with a blaze. The foal is grey and has a blaze like her sire. My pony mare has a big blaze and was bred to a stallion with no white markings. This foal has just a tiny star.