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dazzas home
16-06-04, 12:42 PM
Hi could some one please tell me any information on a Trakehner Stallion HIRTE imp Germany??? sire:HUMOR
He has horses here in australia not sure how old the oldest are but wanting to know if the bllod lines are suited for juping or dressage?

17-06-04, 01:05 AM
APH HIRTE (if it is in fact the same horse your talking about) was at Walter and Libby Sauerís quite a few years ago now. I have a HIRTE baby who is 9 now and a lovely little horse. Itís my understanding though that HIRTE was gelded and exported to the USA about 5 or 6 years ago.

Have a look on their web site and maybe contact APH and they could give you more info.



23-06-04, 12:25 PM
Going to look at 2 stallions at stud by Hirte this w/e, will ask about jumping/dressage for you.

dazzas home
24-06-04, 02:52 PM
Thanks Kaz2769 that would be great...

28-06-04, 10:10 AM

Saw the two stallions by Hirte today, they were very nice one in
particular was a sensational mover, very nice temp and great legs. This stallion was also very apt at jumping out of a high yard.

Also the youngsters were lovely and very people friendly you had to push them out of the way.

The lady said Hirte was dressage lines, but i think you will find with most traks they usually can jump too. Kassiber (along with other trak stallions) are great examples of this they have produced dressage, jumping & eventing horses.

The only specific jumping bred one i know of is Track, she had a stallion by him also, due to his great dam lines this stallion would produce either.

Hope this helps, do you have progeny by Hirte?

dazzas home
29-06-04, 03:24 AM
Hi Kaz2769.
Thanks for that information it helps me decide as to buy or not thanks again...Dazza..